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Base card list

In Making Netrunner work for infrequent / lapsed players, we were briefly discussing the problem of what permanent cards to allow in an alternate format that would have only a few data packs, and I said:

So I’ve made a rough draft of such a list: Corp, Runner.

For the first version, I’ve included two identities per faction, a semi-thought-out selection of icebreakers, pretty much all of the other mediocre & bad cards, and a selection of good cards that are characteristic of their faction and/or support a variety of deck archetypes. I haven’t looked too closely for too-good synergies yet.

I wanted to leave out non-identity core set one-ofs and two-ofs, so that players would only need one core set but wouldn’t need to check how many copies of core set cards they’ve used. But I felt a few cards were worth breaking that rule for: Corroder, Archived Memories, and SEA Source. Those should be limited to two per deck.

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