Belated Worlds Props Megathread

It’s been a while since I got back from Worlds and I haven’t really seen a collective mutual back-slapping and self-congratulation. So, I’m gonna start it off!

I just wanted to thank or congratulate a ton of people - worlds was probably one of the most fun holidays I’ve ever been on, and that’s cos of the people. And I’m sure other people have stuff to say - so, without further ado:


@mediohxcore for being the best, and a huge credit to the community.

@tmoiynmwg - congrats on another great result - although my mother has plans for your demise, after watching me play on twitch (she described the twitch chat as ‘amusing’ :open_mouth: ).

@spags : for organising not just the KoS event (maybe the most fun I’ve ever had playing netrunner), but also sorting tickets for the basketball game, which was amazing.

@team-toronto - first of all, you guys did very well to win ‘second best anarch-themed t-shirt’. But also, I played a couple of you at the main event (Shane and Mikel (sp?)) and it seems like you have a fantastic meta.

to all my opponents in the main event: although not everyone was as lucky as me in this regard, all of my opponents were really fun to play against and played to the spirit of the game. In particular, Max Schoenoff and Steven Wooley both let me correct an illegal board state (fuck you, jetlag), and I got to return the favour to the latter. In general, even in a high-pressure environment, people were super friendly and the atmosphere was great.

to FFG - I was warned that the main event would have me vying for elbow-space, so the reasonably-sized playspace was very welcome!

to team GB - Amazing group and I miss being in it. Although, trying to win a GNK in this country can be harder than some regionals!

to team Turing Test (@Cerberus,@vinegarymink,@lpoulter) - as mentioned, the team event was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at this game.

@Cerberus: in 2014, at the UK nationals, Dave played in the final games as I watched. My mind had been turned to mush by having to qualify the night before (playing until 1:30), and I was amazed at the precision and logic and consistency behind Dave’s plays. This year at worlds, as my mind had long gone after the team event, main event and my 3 double elim matches, I got to watch him against @Stiv, @Nobo715 and @tmoiynmwg. I got the exact same feeling - how the hell is he still doing this after all that playing? Especially seeing as he was bearing a hellacious plague in the Swiss. Anyway, his play is an inspiration and a definite bar to aim for.

Anyway, it’s a bleak December morning, far from the main event, and I thought I’d try to whip up some chat about how great it all was.


Props to you to groober. Making the cut and killing everyone with the ridiculous Weyland jankfest are no small achievements.

I probably tell stories from King of Servers too much, but the cliffnotes version is that because of results I had to sit next to @groober for the whole day and I was crying with laughter by the end. Props to you my friend.

Props to @IirionClaus, @Zeromus and Jens (not sure of his username if he’s here) for agreeing to split the finals of KoS. My play and mood the next day would have been awful if I’d been forced to play another intense match that day. I hope our decision didn’t disappoint stream viewers too much.

@spags for organising KoS and the basketball, which were both a huge part of making an incredible trip incredible. Also when we met he reminded me that I’d said on here that I’d hug him, which just proves that he’s a man with a heart full of love.

@Ajar for driving us to and from the basketball event, given our later experiences trying to get an Uber I really appreciate being driven around.


Team UK didn’t disappoint. I love you all, even that @evilgaz guy.


AWWWW yisss! you found the photo :slight_smile: Thanks, @spags!


Yeah. I put it in the NBA PM thread. Do no one go back to look?


FWIW, my wife is fairly fluent in German. I told her to pick out the German kid in this pic; think she pointed to @vinegarymink. I think I’d take that as a compliment, … right?


If she means my face it’s a compliment, if she means my dress sense it’s an insult.


Wow, snubbed again…


There you go, Radisson pool party!
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@eric_c & @crfluency, I’m honored :blush:

It was such a blast. Thanks for making it amazing everyone!

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Another KoS stream team shoutout: @sotomatic, @SneakySly, @TheBigBoy, and @CodeMarvelous, thanks for doing commentary!

And Team ATL: @pacer, @AceJack, @hasuprotoss, @Cory_Hockman, and @Yeoda, best meta ever