[Belgium/Liège] Regional Championship 21/05 @L'Autre Monde


Our Regional Championship of Android : Netrunner will take place on the 21st of May

Registration : 12€ en prereg / 15€ on site
Doors : 9h30
Start : 11h00
Where : L’Autre Monde Store (20 rue Hors Château , 4000 Liège)

Deck Lists are MANDATORY

48 SEATS MAX (think about preregistration)

Tournament schedule : (we’ll try to stick to that as best as we can)

9:30 registration and decklist checks

6 Rounds of 65 minutes :

10:00 ronde 1
11:05 ronde 2
12:10 ronde 3

13:15 Food pause

14:15 ronde 4
15:20 ronde 5
16:25 ronde 6

17:40 Start of Top 4.

Tournament ends at appr. 8pm

Lots : Kit Regional Championship 2016 + bye for a National

  • goodies depending on attendance

For Prereg : contact me directly at info@autre-monde.be ,

If you want to make a Bank Wire Payment :

  1. 12€/per player on the banck account : BE22 0682 2468 3147 with communication : ANR Store + player name(s)
  2. email me at info@autre-monde.be to inform me of your payment.
  3. I’ll confirm your prereg as soon I have have the payment

See you soon guys!

Will you post results here (players/IDs) when it’s finished?

I will… When the store owner send me the NRTM file. :wink:

I can already give you the top 4 tho :
1st Ron Zacapa with ETF (Good old Food) / Whizzard (Dumblefork)
2d Ysu with NEH (Temple) / Noise
3d Clercqie with NEH (Not sure) / Whizzard (Dumblefork)
4th Dries with NEH (Temple) / Whizzard (Dumblefork)

Only one IG and he didn’t make the cut.


Thanks! How many players?

22 (8 from Germany, 1 from France). 3 store bye used, 3 ID.

Of course @RonZacapa won another Belgian tournament, guy is getting pretty predictable… :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats buddy!

It was a ton of fun. First time I was able to make it in Liege, and it’s a great venue. Enough room, very friendly staff and of course lots of nice people. Cheers!

(I played the same decks as Dries. If you can’t beat them…)


Haha, thx for the compliment :smiley:. It doesn’t feel predictable at all to me tho. Every game in the cut was pretty tight. Especially my first round vs Dries (@TheSupplier). Very close NEH vs Whiz game. If he finds agenda’s sooner I’m in a world of trouble. Grats on your 3th place. Pretty close to playing the finale! (fuck enigma ;)).

Thank you @MrMint for organizing and leading the tournament. Cheers mate! See you next week!

I’ll send my decklists to Laurie for the homepage. Pretty classic foodcoats (no caprice as I like to play it) and almost stock whiz (1 imp, 1 deja vu but didn’t use deja so i’m not keeping that card. Make it a 2nd imp for now).

Aaaaand I send the wrong list. Can you edit it and go - 1 forked, - 1 entrance, + 1 deja vu and + 1 medium (@lpoulter) ?

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because of the formatting its easier if you re-sumbit.

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Since I’m too lazy to format, here’s a screenshot of the standings after swiss (5 rounds).

I’ll put a link to the Acoo page once it’s online. :wink:


Here’s the link to Acoo.