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Best 4 person Tournament Structure

What do you think is the best way to run a 4-person tournament and why?

Double elimination? Swiss?

Round Robin, not close. You get to play 3 full matches, filling out time in what otherwise could be a very short event, and everyone gets the chance to play everyone else.


Thank you! So the person with the most prestige at the end is the winner?

problem with round robin is that you can end with no player actually being chosen as the winner.

For instance Let’s assume we have 4 players ABCD


so in the end the final score is
A 2-1
B 2-1
C 0-3
Now with netrunner we have best of 2 scenarios, but still, the issue persists that you can have a tournament end with no true winner

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You use the same list of tiebreakers you would in Swiss. If it comes to it flip a coin. RR is better than the alternatives.


How about this bracket for 4 players? Each player gets to play 3 or 4 games.

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Thank you everyone!