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Best corp to play atm?

Lately on jinteki whenever I try to play CtM, I bump into a powertap nexus andy/sunny of some description which makes me think that CtM is being hated out of the meta for real this time.

So I end up thinking CtM is not the deck to play right now if you want to win random games on jnet, I dont know if that applies irl but it seems to stand to reason. Hence I want to ask the community what they think would be the best corp to pick if their life depended on doing well in the, lets say 10 next games on jinteki.

After a break between latest mwl and just before worlds, here are the corp decks I’ve played and my experiences with them, I stop writing at the point where their weaknesses make me consider them unsuited for the meta:

CtM (snakebite): lost every matchup with the nexus/powertap/citadel sanc combo that I’ve faced, which means about 4/5 games. Most of your ice being either blank or flatout a +cred to a runner with link/powertap is just too much to make up for the early game advantage. The lack of “outs” this deck has just feels too crippling if you dont win right away.

Sync(fiery info): same “blank ice” problem vs powertap, mumbad city hall. Feels much stronger than CtM to me in a lot of favorable matchups because of how easily it flatlines.

Bigboy’s FA HB: a solid deck, felt unfavoured when whizzard was very popular but I may try it again, it seems to have game in any matchup and a good out with hail mary ATB in a losing game. Still seems to weak to whiz sadly.

Bigboys mushin trap deck: my winrate with this is ridiculous. So much potential to randomly win with a cerebral or a brainstorm and a great FA out with biotic for those who dont run clot. Still feels to jammy to consider a “main deck”. Probably falls off at higher levels of play.

Russian NEH: probably my main deck atm. Unfavoured but still has game in the whiz matchup and punishes lack of clot and slow decks VERY hard, aka those decks that try to punish CtM.

And thats all the decks I tried seriously. Would love to hear people’s experiences with IG, combo NBN, CI and any corp really.

The question is - how good are the Power Trap/Nexus decks vs non-CTM/Sync decks? If they’re decent, you might meet them in a real tournament. But otherwise, they are just going to fall down the bottom of any Swiss tournament.

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You may be approaching the link match-up wrong with CtM. Remember to put 0 ice on your centrals and score aggressively. Even trying to score naked in the first few turns is better than playing passively vs those decks.


Jnet is the ultimate inbred metagame. You can’t read too much into how frequently X deck appears there, even in the competitive section.


The best corp to play is the one you have the most fun playing.

Because if you’re having fun, you’re less likely to burn out during a event, and so you’ll continue having fun.


This question makes me wondering what is the best color in the real world.

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I won a SC and a couple smaller tournaments with Power Tap Andy.

At the last tournament (not an SC), I don’t there there was any NBN other than my Fiery Inferno build, but there were 3 Andy decks (including mine). Playing against Andy was a little tough, but it was still a very winnable match up as SYNC.

I see the Andy Power Tap deck as being very strong against NBN and glacier builds, but weaker against any variety of 1k cuts. The deck has no Levy and is too dependent on installing many of its cards to be able to take 8+ damage over a game. Obviously Account Siphon is the natural enemy of Jinteki, but it can’t always keep them under 4c.

Rush decks can also be a problem. 3x Special Order help a lot, but it can be difficult to break the gear checks when the corp is rushing like the wind (e.g. Titan Atlas Train).

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