Best dead identity

  • Kate
  • Andromeda
  • Noise
  • Whizzard
  • HB ETF
  • Jinteki RP

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Poor TWIY* :cry:


GRNDL and BWBI were also forgotten on purpose


I don’t understand,is this intend to ask “which rotated identity is the best” or “which idendity’s rotation is best for the game”?

And “best” as it is cool to play with or as “strong” ?

Whizzard is the only dead identity :smirk:


Andy beating Whizzard, damn…

Noise is my talented anarchist son and i miss him every day


I voted for Andy, but I think EtF is the actual right answer.

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GRNDL would actually be the identity that gets my vote.

At least we’ll get ‘The Outfit’ in Reign & Reverie as a consolation.

ETF or Whizz, but Andy if Siphon and Desperado were still in the pool.

Andy wasn’t good on her own per se, she just got you to the awesome Criminal cards faster.

With every good, efficient virus that comes out, Noise gets higher on the list. I loved that guy… my opponents, not so much.

Also, he’s obviously the best because he has the most upvoted deck on netrunnerdb :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah GRNDL and RP are the two Corp IDs I am missing.
TWiY is pretty much replaced by Azmari Edtech.
I think GRNDL will be replaced by the new Weyland ID (SSO Industries).
ETF and Kate are OP. Noise would be OP aswell (and is replaced by Khumalo anyway).
Whizzard and Andromeda in my opinion could come back and they wouldn’t change my meta much.

I would say the “best” are GRNDL, RP, Andromeda and Whizzard in that order. :slight_smile:
“Worst” are Noise, ETF and Kate in that order. :smile:

And Nasir is the worst of all of them. :smiley:
(Harishchandra, The Prof. and Exile strong on Nasirs heels).

Whizzard is the entire reason we have cards with broken rez-to-trash ratios like Genetics Pavilion, Jeeves, Team Sponsorship, and Sandburg. His very existence warped the card pool in a very significant way, and remains the reason why he can never come back.


I understand that “he” changed card design and needed to go, but “he” still wouldn’t change our meta much. :slight_smile:

God I tried so hard to make BWBI work. RIP you beautiful swan of a deck.

Jeeves certainly, and maybe also Sandburg, but what’s wrong with Genetics Pavillion and Team Sponsorship? They have a smallish effect and need to be left alone for a while to do anything. Low-res/high-trash seems entirely correct for something like that.

4 and 5 credits is a lot. These are very high trash costs on cards that cost only 1c to rez. While the effects aren’t immediately powerful in every deck, these are niche cards that will only be played in decks where their effect will be relevant and powerful.

These effects may seem marginal, but in decks built to use them both of these cards are important cornerstones.

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Rip Whiz, you were always my main man.

God this thread is giving me major nostalgia. Remember criminal? I miss those guys

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