Best deck vs CTM/IG Prison/Asset Spam?

So, if you’re like many people, Controlling the Message or IG Asset Spam decks are a pain in the arse for most of your decks.

What do you all recommend to tech against this sort of nonsense and still have some idea of winning a non-asset spam matchup?

I’m thinking Valencia Eater/Keyhole/Apocalypse, these decks are usually light on ice and unless they’re running Hostile Infrastructure you can clear all that spam out in one go.

Any better deck archetype to compete with spam?

be whizzard


Employee Strike, or Salsette Slums. (Strike’s doing good work for me, as IG/CtM rarely run currents.)


Dlr maxx has an amazing ctm matchup though I don’t know about the ones. Ig is probably between good and fine and hot tubs is not good.

How come that ASI isnt as big of a deal as one would think?
And Closed Accounts. And Resistor.

I think the DLR decks are running activist support just for ASI and I suspect D4vid is supposed to carry load vs the giant resistors.

The list that got posted in slack had neither. (And that’s supposedly the list that dan played)

The main plan of relentlessly siphoning and flinging piles of cards into archives may be enough. Using Dan’s list however comes with the important caveat that your results may vary if the pilot of Dan’s list isn’t Dan.


That’s exactly what I told a friend of mine.

I watched an Andy deck using Siphon, Desperado, and Security Testing make (relatively) quick work of a CTM deck. The economic disparity and easy comeback from 0 credits (all those unprotected assets!) made it difficult for the CtM deck to actually make any progress toward winning. Massive Resistors don’t do much when you can pay through the trace with a click’s worth of credits.

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If you want a winrate >=50%, probably Slums Whizzard.

If you want a game length less than that of a MOBA match where both team’s damage carries got DDOS’d, I’d suggest sleeving up Red/White Humans.


I think Au Revoir decks have a reasonable Match-up. You will probably get Closed a few times but the engine can recover very quickly.

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Tag-Me null does pretty well. Most CTM decks pack only one or two closed accounts, and you can keep them pretty hammered down with Siphons. Keyholing the decks and getting rid of hostile infrastructures is probably one of the easiest way of dealing with them. Most of the asset spam decks die really easily to heavy medium/keyhole digs.

But in reality, just play Employee Strike Whizzard.

Been doing well against CTM decks with a Gabe deck with Deuces, 1x Crash Space, SecTest and Masanori. It sounds like it would be a lot of tech, but - aside from Crash Space - they’re cards I’d want to play anyways.


When whizzard finally gets blown up for good, what then?

For now Andy with sec test/desperado, siphons, a couple of employee strikes, and smart play can make good work of both those decks. Also good v CI which you see around a bit atm. Not sure about long term. Gabe is not the worst, really same thing as Andy but you start with 5 cards and have more incentive to pressure HQ.

Dark days.

You mean skulljack, right?

I’m not saying that you’re going to see skulljack but remember when archives interface was a garbage card that no one would ever put into a deck?

nuke whizzard, then play the corp deck.