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Best glacier now?

My favorite Corp deck was Foodcoats, may it Rest In Peace.

What is the best glacier now?

Does CI-Sanburg count?

Outside of that, I want to say nothing comes close to old school foodcoats. I have played a ton of AoT glacier which kind of durdles a bit and runs bioroids, which just drain clicks, but it usually isn’t enough to tax.

Although, the game has moved enough so that never advance is kind of a legit strategy again. There might be some glacier build that tries that again. Maybe Sol Glacier?

I’ve found AgInfusion to still be a pretty solid deck. You need to run 2-3x Fast track so you can grab your nisei’s early. Jackson was really good at making sure you could score agendas in the right order, but now fast track fills that role. Batty + excalibur + ID is pretty good defense, but it’s much more fragile than in the days leading up to C2BR.

AoT seems fine, but like @Myriad said, it’s really hard to effectively tax the runner, especially now with only 3 3/2’s. That said, Ash + Warroid is a pretty strong defense that you don’t usually want to contest. It’ll be very interesting to see how AoT shapes up once some of the cards already spoiled from the Kitara cycle come out.

Sol Glacier is still semi-viable, but in a much different place now. Never Advance becomes a necessity. I think most successful NBN glacier builds will need to be running QPM and Ravens though as a way to close a game, and punish people for checking your remote in addition to a mild tax.


Glacier is in a weird place because of the prominence of Shaper (and Opus/Tapwrm + SacCon), plus the variety of different runners, which makes it difficult to know what ice will be properly taxing. Then again, with Parasite/Yog gone, ice suites are full of possibilities.

PE glacier is pretty decent right now. Data loop, Ben Musashi, and obokata can make some hard to steal scoring remotes.


I think AOT is strong, the only real difficulty is that you can lose pretty hard vs nexus, as it doesn’t really give you the option of rushing out.

Also, watch out for apocalypse. Crisium grids might be a reasonable include.