Best Hardware, Round 1

  • Desperado
  • Security Nexus

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  • Astrolabe
  • Grimoire

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  • Prepaid VoicePAD
  • R&D Interface

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  • Plascrete Carapace
  • Clone Chip

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No Sports Hopper?


Kinda surprising how much of a stomp two of these are, and interesting in that all of the polls are going so heavily one way or the other.

I dunno I felt they were all really obvious choices. Desperado? Clone Chip? These are on the MWL for a reason.


Turntable is better than either Astrolabe or Grimoire.

We are just another hivemind that favors thinking alike.

But some of these were never going to be close. Clone Chip has a very solid argument for being the best piece of hardware in the game; before the MWL many people bought a second Creation and Control set to get an extra set of them. Plascrete doesn’t feel nearly as important now, with Weyland almost absent from the meta, and yellow kill decks also at a lull.

Astrolabe has had a long run as essentially the shaper console, a position only strengthened by the recent popularity of asset spam corps. While Grimoire is a strong anarch console, it works best with Noise, who is a non-factor in the current meta, and was at best 2nd place behind whizzard before the current MWL. Comparing Astrolabe to Turntable may have been closer, but frankly with the end to Astro-chain, swapping the agendas does not feel as critical as it once did (thought EoI does keep it relevant).

Also, I think HQ Interface is a better matchup for R&D Interface. Again, Pre-paid Voice Pad is almost absent from the meta since the MWL hit. I think if we held this poll pre-MWL 1, we would see PPVP easily beat out RDI.

The only MWL card that’s losing is PPVP.
PPVP is coming back.

Clone Chip and Desperado are clear front-runners from these 8. No other card listed inspired people to drop $$ on extra copies of it. Desperado 3x is one of the reasons you’d consider getting 3x Coreset. The other two contests are debatable. Grimoire has fallen out of favor while Astrolabe is still strong. R&D Interface and PPVP are both rarely played at this time. (I think Crim still plays RDI, and some Shapers. Only some Shapers play PPVP though, after the MWL hit.)