Best Netrunner Videos of 2015 - Vote Now!

Voting for the ANR Video Awards 2015 begins now

We have received your nominations and compiled a shortlist of Nominees for each of the categories. Now it’s time to pick the winners! The deadline for the final voting is the 7th of February 2016 at midnight (UTC). The winners will be announced shortly after.
Please vote at the URL below. Don’t post your votes here. Don’t make it weird.

##YouTube Playlists

We have compiled YouTube playlists with all of the Nominees for you guys to binge out on the best Netrunner Video content from 2015.


Though not strictly related to this vote, I think this is a good place to recommend a browser extension I’ve taken to using recently, Anticipation:

In short, when activated, it hides the time information from youtube videos. Sometimes I want to tab out and in of a video and it’s impossible to do that without seeing the time otherwise. If I see an important Maker’s Eye and the video’s almost over, it spoils it a bit. This has significantly improved my game-viewing-experience and I’d recommend it if you’re watching any of these games. It sucks when a really awesome game you’re watching has its result spoiled prematurely.


Pinned until February 7th when this ends.

Wow, lots of great curated content here. Nice job to those that put in the effort.

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Reminder: Only 24 hours left!

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@krystman when will the results be posted? Excited to hear what turns up! Thanks again for all your hard work!

@krystman Was there any conclusion on this? :smile:

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@Warpstoned @Netjogging Android Netrunner Video Awards 2015 - YouTube

It turned out so well! Thank you for all your hard work! Can’t wait to see next year’s!