Best* Operation, Round 2

*Some options were deliberately excluded (NBN cards, celebrity gift, hedge fund) in order to make a more interesting poll. Others were accidentally missed or were judgment calls. Just choose from the available options; later, high performers from these polls could go into an ‘Actual best operation’ poll.

  • Biotic Labor
  • Mushin No Shin

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  • Scorched Earth
  • Fast Track

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Is there an operation for no more poll threads?


There won’t be any new ones once we have a winner from this operation one, since they were just a bit of fun to distract us from the long long wait for more Escalation spoilers which we now have. If you don’t like them you can scroll past them or maybe there is an option to hide them from your list; you will have to ask someone who knows a bit more about Discourse. There might be more polls if there’s another long wait for spoilers soon, unless a moderator asks me to stop making them.