Best Way to Wrap up Spring League?

In our League Format, the Captains have to pick “lines” to play. Each line has a variation of points (weighted toward the “top” lines having a greater point value than "bottom lines). It takes 109 points to win.

As the organizer of the league, I’m thinking of a best way to wrap it up in regards to order of play. Right now my team (Yeo), needs 36 points to win. Team Cavis needs 20. Depending on the order of lines played can change where they send their troops into battle. Right now I’m thinking of 3 options that can maximize the number of games.

Option 1: Bottom to Top–Line 8 to Line 1
Going in this direction gives a minimum of 5 games to play, but encourages putting players that the captain might normally assign to line 1 or 2, to assign them to lines 7 or 8.

Option 2: Spiral from Center–5,4,6,3,7,2,8,1
If one team sweeps out, this gives a minimum of 4 games based on the point value of the match. However, because it starts in the middle and goes to a lower line, then a higher line, the captains may assign their players to their more “usual” places in the league.

Option 3: Top to Bottom–Lines 1 to 8
This has a minimum of 2 games to play, but could potentially allow a knock out punch of the league in 2 rounds. Or put Team Yeo back into the fight after 2 rounds.

Of course, since we’ve never had to play matches in a certain order until now, perhaps I don’t put any restriction on when the matches are played. That also seems fair since this would be the only round that did that…I guess I was just thinking of a way to give the last round a nice little finishing oomph of competition.

Thanks in advance!

fourth thought that probably can’t happen–ideally everyone plays at the exact same time, which would be awesome; but I’m not sure if that could be pulled off.