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Betting on Card Evaluation? / First Contact Review

I was thinking that it would be fun to compete in guessing how good each card will be. Is anyone else interested in doing this?

Edit: crism6794 has come up with a better way of scoring.


I’d suggest an online form to fill this out. Otherwise, it will be too cumbersome to keep track of.

Not really sure on the criteria to score as well. You mention “tournament winning decklists”, but that can mean sooooo many different things.

Scoring is too complicated for me. How about:

Name cards that you think will be played in more than one Stimhack listed winning deck. This is deliberately a high bar.
+2 for each correct guess.
-1 for each incorrect guess.
-1 for each card you didn’t name that was played.

Example: for The Spaces Between, my list of competitive tier cards was:

  • Enhanced Login Protocol (+2)
  • Cache (+2)
  • Will-o’-the-Wisp (-1, since it only appeared once)

I lose one point for not naming Net Celebrity, which was played. Total of 2 points of a possible 6.

So here’s my First Contact competitive tier list:

  • IQ - fluctuating strength annoys Atman and can go out of Yog range easily.
  • Crisium Grid - interacts with a LOT of popular cards, good trash cost and 1 influence means you can play it even though Weyland sucks.
  • Hades Shard - fits in Noise, helps against Jackson.

I think there are other good cards in the pack, but they don’t fit into already strong archetypes nor do they push weak archetypes over the top.

That’s a great idea. I was thinking that the calculations would be too complicated. Here’s what I think then that way.

IQ - what you said
Chronos Project - fits into PE
Queztal - pretty good versus NEH at the beginning
Order of Sol - Nasir has lots of potential