Beyoken Deck Teaching League starts Feb. 11

The first Beyoken Deck Teaching League starts play on February 11, 2018.

It is an open Elo league in which players organize their own games on and play as many or as few as they like.

Is this league for me?
In this introductory video, Ben Ni (@beyoken) explains how he came to build the decks and the goals behind them. The original idea for the decks came from Tristan von Zahn (@tr1s on Slack).The aim was to make decks that are newbie friendly and also useful for developing good Netrunner fundamentals for both new and intermediate players.

Players of any skill level are welcome to join the league. If you are totally new to the game, you will find other players helpful in explaining the game and helping you get your feet under you.

See also this video for Ben Ni’s take on the league and his offer to review player videos of league games and commentate on them.

How long does the League run?
It starts February 11 and ends on March 18.

If the top four finishers (minimum 10 games played) agree, I will organize a Top Four playoff at the conclusion of the League.

Can I still join?
Yes. Registration for The Beyoken Deck Challenge League is open for sign up at any time.

Register by signing up at The Challenge Board. Password for the board: ben

You will need to join Slack to organize games (see links below for instructions).

How can I organize a game?
You can post an open game on with the title: Beyoken League Game. If someone joins, you should ask if they are signed up for the league because you cannot report results if they are not in the league.

The best way to organize games is by joining the Slack channel dedicated to the league where you can post requests for games. Here is the link to that channel. If you need an invitation to Slack, use this link.

You may also organize games via any other means you find convenient.

Players are encouraged to play two games with each opponent (one Corp and one Runner) each time they play, but this is not required. Single games still count toward the League.

What Decks Can I Play?
Legal decks for this League are the sparring decks published by Ben Ni (@beyoken) on his YouTube channel. Here are link to the decks:


Architects of Tomorrow
Personal Evolution
Controlling the Message
Building a Better World

Ben Ni’s advice for playing these decks can be found on each deck page where he links to a short video describing the deck and suggesting lines of play for it.

You can transfer these decks into Jinteki by clicking on the “Export” button at the top of the decklist and copying the list into the Jinteki deck builder.

Are there any resources to help me play well?
Make sure to check out Ben Ni’s tutorial videos produced for each deck. The full playlist can be found here.

Here are links to some videos that might give you some helpful pointers on effective game play.

How to play Netrunner by Team Covenant

Can I change decks between games?
Yes. Each player can select a new deck each time they play.

Where do I report results?
The winner of each game should report results to The Challenge Board. Make sure to get the Challenge Board ID of your opponent from them, as some people do not use the same ID on Jinteki and the Challenge Board.

Also report game results to this Google Form where I am gathering information about match-ups during the league.

What if I have other questions?
Please direct them to me (@FightingWalloon) here or on Slack.

Good luck and have fun!


Eleven players already signed up!

Room for lots more.

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Love it!

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Hyped for this, can’t wait!

We are up to 29 registered players.

Still three weeks until we start.

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Just about a week until game play begins. We have 50 players signed up and room for more.

Just ask if you have any question or come join us on Slack. Sign up details for Slack are in the OP.

I’ve moved the start date for the league up to Feb. 11.


So just to go over a couple things as the league is starting in a few days (Feb. 11).

  1. It is up to you to organize your own games. Using the Slack #teaching_league channel is the best way to do that.
  1. You do not have to play both sides of a match, but are welcome to do so.

  2. You can switch decks as often as you like, but must use the ones linked in the original post at the tops of this thread.

  3. ONE PLAYER from each game needs to report results to The Challenge Board. Please note, in the last tournament I ran on Challenge Boards, the site sent out error e-mails when people reported matches. You can ignore those message. The games are getting recorded. The error messages were about e-mails not getting sent out properly to notify opponents.

  4. ONE PLAYER from each game can also report results on this data collection Google Form that I will use to collect info about the decks to share with Ben Ni and the players.

  5. If you have any problems, please message me using DM on Slack. That is the fastest way to get me.

I hope you have fun and learn some things during this event.

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Oh man this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. My social anxiety is screaming at me to run away, but screw it! I’m signing up. I’ve been watching videos for so long it’s time I finally play.


Great to have you join. People are friendly. I hope you have a good time.

Game play has started, but you can still join in.

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Here is some data from the first few days of the league. Among reported games (n=63), here are the wins & losses for each ID:


AoT 3-4

  • Alice 1-2
  • Hayley 1-1
  • Leela 1-1

BABW 12-7

  • Alice 6-7
  • Hayley 5-0
  • Leela 1-0

CtM 12-5

  • Alice 4-3
  • Hayley 4-0
  • Leela 4-2

PE 9-11

  • Alice 4-9
  • Hayley 3-2
  • Leela 2-0


Alice 21-15
Hayley 3-13
Leela 3-8

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so - 27 runner wins to 36 corp wins suggests that there might be a little imbalance here - or else that the Hayley deck in particular needs some love?

Yeah, I’m surprised the Hayley deck has been suffering so much. Any thoughts or observations why its record is so low?

It is not an easy deck to get a handle on right away, so it being unfamiliar might be part of it. Not everyone – especially players attracted to a teaching and learning league – are going to immediately grasp how to exploit Brahmin and other Hayley tricks.


Here are the latest stats with 93 games reported since the league started last Sunday:


Alice Merchant 28-22

  • AoT 2-2
  • BABW 10-8
  • CtM 4-7
  • PE 12-5

Hayley Kaplan 8-16

  • AoT 3-2
  • BABW 1-6
  • CtM 2-5
  • PE 2-3

Leela Patel 4-15

  • AoT 2-1
  • BABW 0-2
  • CtM 2-7
  • PE 0-5


AoT 5-7
BABW 16-11
CtM 19-8
PE 13-14


Here are the latest stats.

Please remember to report games played to the Google form. As we continue to play, I am seeing a wider gap between the number of games reported on the Challenge Board and the number on the Google Form. The data on the Google Form will help Ben evaluate these decks and decide if any tweaks need to be made in them.


Alice Merchant 35-26

  • AoT 5-3
  • BABW 10-10
  • CtM 8-8
  • PE 12-5

Hayley Kaplan 10-18

  • AoT 3-2
  • BABW 1-6
  • CtM 2-7
  • PE 4-3

Leela Patel 6-17

  • Aot 2-1
  • BABW 1-2
  • CtM 3-8
  • PE 0-6


AoT 6-10
BABW 18-12
CtM 23-13
PE 14-16

Haley continues to struggle some but Leela is the big loser right now, which is not surprising given the state of the Criminal card pool.

Alice v. BABW and Alice v. CtM appear to be the most balance matches up at the moment.

Having played mostly Anarch and NBN, I have seen a fair few Alice v CtM matchups and they’ve been some of the best games of Netrunner I’ve ever played.

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