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BGG - "Geek Madness" - aka March Madness for Games

Whatever I think of the competition as such, Concordia simply doesn’t measure up to the greatness that is A:NR.

How in the fuck do you vote?

You find the game’s entry and just +1 with the green thumb on the entry like you liked the post.

Also, you have to be a member. (not encouraging anyone to join)

God, every time I’m on BGG I feel like I’m having a stroke. Their site design draws it’s inspiration from a toilet post food poisoning.


Actually it is very early 2000s design. It was all the rage at that point, but it seems to me like they’ve just keep on adding and adding onto it.

Stimhack was for me at the beginning a bit too… something. But I got used to it and now I like it.

But still I prefer phpBB for my forums.


I moved 4 posts to a new topic: What software powers this forum?

I got a little pissy at the “Will the BGG stalwarts win over the Reddit invaders” or whatever it is.

The idea that the only reason A:NR won is because Reddit (and, to be clear, even if it was because Reddit, it would be because tons of people on Reddit who like A:NR came to vote - it’s not like the entire site would give a flying fig about voting) and that True BGG’ers would vote for other games is just p’tah!

Although if A:NR goes up against TI:3, I may have to just weep quietly.

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I would probably vote for Twilight Struggle over Netrunner. I’d vote for netrunner over everything else though.


I would vote for Twilight Struggle and Android Netrunner to shack up and make little baby games. They could be the Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith of gaming… Or maybe Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn


Bump for Round 2:


How did Dominion lose to Ticket to Ride of all things? Dominion is the father of deck building board games and is very deep strategically while being very easy to learn. A beginner can pick up the game in 5 minutes while an expert can spend hours analyzing a single set which is rare for a boardgame outside of chess or go.

Well at least, I won’t have any conflict of loyalties supporting Netrunner. Dominion was the only game I would have voted for over Netrunner so I can support Netrunner all the way now.


I was more conflicted; BSG is lots of fun with the right group, and group gaming is something Netrunner really lacks.

That said, I did vote loyally :slight_smile: If it came down to Mage Knight vs Netrunner, though, I’d have to defect.

I feel you. I’m a huge werewolf player so anything remotely like that is right in my hub of goto-games. I keep hearing about people in Madison who want to play BSG together and it sounds like its high time to organize that and make it happen.

I gotta ask, Ultimate, or Vanilla?

I’m a purist, vanilla all the way for myself, but having spent a fair amount of time with Ted at Origins last year I can finally say I’m overcoming my malice for Ultimate :slight_smile:

Count me in (EDIT: Count me down isn’t a phrase). I own it but it needs 3 to play so I almost never get the chance. My wife and I end up playing a lot of Mansions of Madness instead. I’d also super be up for playing Mage Knight if there’s anyone aside from Ben (the guy I come to the store with) and myself who want to play. We have a blast when we break it out every few months.

So, this is veering largely off topic I’m sure, but basically I’ve been feeling like our I’m Board crowd needs to do better organizing in general. Do people still like mailing lists? I bought the madrunner-meta.net domain a while back for kicks and wouldn’t mind setting up a mailing list. I’d do a wordpress site or something too but that sounds like more work than it’s worth.

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Hannabi beat Twilight Struggle. In other news, I no longer understand what BGG are voting based on.


There are actually excellent explanations for why this happened in the comments of that round. It makes a lot of sense if you consider the explanations without prejudice.


If Geek Madness was largely driven by casual gamers who want something they can just pick up and play, then sure, but that doesn’t account for a lot of the other results. It seems very much like it’s driven by spite voting instead, and that just sucks.

Having said that, I voted for both BSG and A:NR this round as I love both games.

So basically any internet poll ever then =P


I don’t recall it being this bad last year.

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