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BlacKat.co.uk - new online card explorer

I don’t know if you remember the site Ono-sendai, but that was my favourite way to browse cards on the net or just quickly search for a card for reference. That site has since gone away which is a shame. Anway, we already have a few card browsers etc. out there already, but for various reasons I wasn’t happy with them and none of them felt as nice to use as Ono-sendai, so being a developer I set about learning a bunch of new front-end stuff (I’m a back-end guy) and making something that was similar in feel and really user friendly in the way I liked, built specifically for browsing the cards.

So, with that I give you http://blackat.co.uk - which hopefully will act a little bit like a digital binder for some of you.

There’s a couple issues I know of and need to fix, it’s not optimzed for mobile at all yet and there’s also various features I’d like to add in future if I can, but I felt it was ready for letting other people give it a go, so, yeah, try it out please and let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Note: big props go to Alsciende of NetrunnerDB as BlacKat leverages the data API - without that I would’ve likely never finished. I owe you a beer!


heck yes I do; it was the best
thanks so much for this!

edit: in terms of feedback, there are some things that Ono-sendai had (e.g. headers separating card types) that I wish this had as well

Yeah, I prototyped that and had them almost right but I had trouble getting it to work properly in the end so I put them aside for now. However, I liked them too and they’re on my todo list for sure.


Thank you so much for this! I need the large visual imagery when I’m deckbuilding / searching.

This is awesome, thank you, I find this kind of visualisation helpful and it’s much easier than flipping through a whole binder of cards.

For some reason Sunny isn’t showing up, although all the rest of her cards are. I think she’s the only card with no text at all and it looks like in your data (well, nrdb’s data I suppose) that it’s undefined rather than an empty string so angular could be filtering it out by default because you’re filtering on “filter:{text:search.text}” ?

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Haha - wow, it’s awesome having other devs spotting the issues, that much information makes the bug hunting so much easier, thanks!

Yeah, sounds like you’re on the money, I had a similar issue with cards that have no subtypes so had to manually create a “No subtypes” option, but with so many cards out there it can be hard to spot. Anyway, I’ll stick that on the list to fix.