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Blog - ANR Challenging the Meta

I’ve started a new blog for people to peruse. Crazy deck builds that go against the meta. Will they work? Doubt it. Will they make you think of unique ways to use existing cards and help evolve the Meta? I can only hope so.

Posted the first deck today - Jinteki Ice Labyrinth - Remember. I doubt these decks will work competitively. But my hope is that they will make people think about cards that are not so used, and hey - maybe we’ll hit a gold mine with them.


New blog Post up:

From Chaos to Nothing; A look at draining your deck to just what you need…

It looks like your link to this post is getting chopped

thanks. Fixed :smile:

Thanks a bunch, I really love these kinds of ideas and I’m glad there are more of these inventive builds coming to light. Previously, all I had was TechTalk over on cardgamedb. I look forward to looking over your crazy ideas when i get some time!

New post up.

Weyland, Building a Better ICE

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New post up.

Professor, A Toolbox to Sell

New post up.

Custom Biotics - Always Growing, Always Going

I love the Prof deck you have. I’m totally going to try this in my casual games over the next few days and see how it preforms!

definitely some changes needed for that. Aesops and Professional Contacts need to be fitted in, probably along with Sharpshooter, deus x, and net shield :smile:

I fit all of those in except the pawnshop and Sharpshooter. I’m not 100% convinced on Sharpshooter yet and Aesops has always been a sticky card for me. I understand conceptually why it is good and how to use it, but have never been able to give it much mileage in decks. Maybe after I play around with this a bit more, I’ll stick it in.

Mostly it would be to get some burst economy from 1 and 0 cost programs you no longer need (or never needed in the first place, was just setting up for some economy next turn with no FCC in your hand)

New Post Up

Reina - Double Up

I get the Feeling that Starlight Crusade Funding would only be useful on the turn you play it (since, based on my recollection of the rules) the Ignore ability takes place immediately. I just don’t see it being useful on the off chance you are drawing your doubles.

Its a real shame, I was wondering when we would see what role religion has taken in the Android universe…

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NBN - Late Night Infomercial

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No Event Criminal

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Whizzard Antivirus

I Dredge from the Depth to post again!!!

Bad Deck Review of Honor and Profit (Corp)