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[BLOG] Cry of Frustration

I’m starting this new thread to post about any new Netrunner articles I put up, so I don’t keep spamming the forum with new topics. For reference, past articles I posted about were:
Guide to building competitive decks on a budget: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/01/25/netrunner-competitive-decks-on-the-cheap/
List of common newbie rules mistakes: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/netrunner-newbie-mistakes/
Core 2.0: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/09/19/dr-ruselove-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-siphoning-and-love-the-imp/
Seidr Flavour (if you can’t tell it rhymes, you need to read the article): https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/06/07/netrunner-flavour-notes-seidr/


Last night I published another one on Reign and Reverie and whether big boxes will rotate: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/reign-and-rotation-a-netrunner-reverie/


Hey Cry! I’ve been enjoying your articles a bunch. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree. I think they have to rotate the big boxes eventually but I don’t think they’ll do it yet. I think they should announce after r&r that in a year’s time there’ll be another all factions big box which will trigger the first big box rotation which will rotate out c&c o&c d&d and h&p. That’s what I’d do anyway.


You think they’d rotate out the original 4 all at once? :o That would be a pretty huge change! 220 cards, which is almost as much as we lost in the first rotation! (Actually I never actually counted how many original core cards went and how many spin/genesis cards were saved, so it might even be more!)

I think they pretty much have to, if they want to keep the cardpool balanced between the factions.

I agree that eventually FFG will do ‘something’ with the deluxe sets. The simplest approach would be to create revised versions of them, just like they did with the core set:
Replace a bunch of cards with cards from cycles that have already rotated.

This would allow them to get rid of both duds and cards that restrict future design space by being too efficient.
At the same time they could rescue some staple cards with a reasonable power level from bygone cycles from oblivion.

If they do plan to release more completely new deluxe sets, I’d expect them to be in the vein of R&R, i.e. supporting all identities equally.

I also consider it likely that they will release another campaign set, though, covering the identities that weren’t included in Terminal Directive.

Once there’s two Campaign sets and two deluxe sets supporting all identities equally, they could safely remove the old deluxe sets from the pool.

And then there’s a third option:
They could go the route taken with Game of Thrones and release ‘starter decks’ for each of the factions. These could eventually replace old deluxe sets, as well, containing a mix of old and new cards.

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Oh do those started decks also include new cards? I didn’t realise!

Ah, no :frowning: Sorry, that was a bit misleading. The AGoT decks don’t contain any new cards.
That bit was just speculation from my part about something FFG might want to give a try.

This also goes back to something I realized when trying to decide which cycles/data packs to get after my hiatus:
For each new identity introduced in a cycle, you’ll also get a bunch of new cards to support the ‘default’ play style of the identity. So, in a way, deciding if I wanted to get a cycle / data pack or not boiled down to the question if I liked the new identities or not.
E.g. Smoke was an identity I was really excited about, especially since I hadn’t been able to find a good place for the existing Stealth breakers. So it made sense to get the data packs from the Flashpoint cycle that included support cards for a Stealth Runner.
With Alice Merchant it was the opposite: The idea of a tag-me Runner didn’t appeal to me at all, so I decided to skip the packs of the Red Sands cycle.

From that point of view it’s only a small step to move away from a card cycle that slowly introduces the support cards for an Identity one pack at a time to releasing a sample deck instead that demonstrates how the designers imagine the identity to work.

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New blog post up. I noticed a bunch of old returning players popping up on reddit and facebook and asking “hey, what did I miss?”, so I decided to answer them! https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/the-history-of-competitive-netrunner-2015-2018/


Way overdue update to my Competitive Decks on the Cheap guide: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/07/21/netrunner-competitive-decks-on-a-budget-august-2018-update/

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For a budget deck you should keep in mind that Team Sponsorship has been released as an easy to get promo so buying Universe of Tomorrow is not the most cost-effective way of getting it, quick search of eBay revealed a playset for $3, and I guess with some asking around you could simply find someone with spares they can give to a new player.


Oh that’s a nice idea actually, I totally forgot the promo existed! I did use Product Placement in that deck as well on the assumption they’ll have Universe of Tomorrow, but those can become PAD campaigns no problem. I’ll add an edit to the deck tonight.

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For those of us sad and lonely and sitting at home instead of celebrating this amazing game at Magnum Opus, I wrote a meta predictions article so we can all read it and stroke our chins and do some armchair netrunning.