[Blue Sun] Bootcamp Glacier

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@bblum gives an in depth primer on his own Bootcamp Glacier.


Before I click on this, going to take 3 guesses who wrote it…


I was wrong.

For anyone testing this deck, you will find that the easiest way to lose is to get unlucky and have the runner snatch a Pri Req from a central early on. I want to try -1 Pri Req -1 Tech Slot +1 Chronos Project +1 Corporate War to see if it doesn’t help mitigate this issue.


You really don’t want to score 4 agendas with this deck, trust me :wink:


I know, but if the plan is to Atlas up the Pri Req anyway, you don’t lose the full 50%. Also, I feel like scoring the 3/1 would be pretty trivially easy.

Excellent write-up! @bblum, you mention Taurus several times but it’s not in your list–is this one of those cards you keep taking out and putting back in like I do with all my decks?

@bblum Excellent article, thanks for taking the time to write it.

I ignored Blue Sun when it first came out and didn’t become interested in trying it until seeing @tmoiynmwg 's deck on the Worlds stream. Blue Sun (thanks due to Shards, Leela, and Clot) has since replaced Cerebral Imaging as my go-to Corp deck, though my favorite variant is a hybrid of Timmy’s scorch tech and Ben’s glacier tech. While I enjoyed the SSCI commentary throughout most of the event, I found the comments revolving around this deck to be plain embarrassing, so here’s to spreading the good word. :smile:

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Really enjoyed that article. Thanks for writing!

Any thoughts on including Cyberdex Virus Suite, to counter some of the more virus/datasucker strategies out there now?

This is how most dex running three point agendas lose. Always the risk of getting unlucky and having someone sniper one early. That is the gambit of having a tighter agenda density.

Yeah, but HB Glacier has the advantage of bring able to play a less agendas total, and RP has TFP, (and even there I often want to cut one for a Fetal). Maybe BS should be leveraging the Atlas counter even more to make the agenda package less vulnerable, because as it stands this deck is probably more vulnerable to random accesses than any other.

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Really, Do we need more people playing this sh*t? One pain in the ass is enough :wink:


Played against this deck twice last Saturday here in lovely Pittsburgh, won both times :yum:


Been playing this on OCTGN for a month and it truly is the Shaper-ist of corp decks. Still is outclassed by RP, but I like it better than the HB Avalanche Glacier FA hybrids.

What stuck out to me was the 2 Interns and 2 Ash. So key and so good.

The “tech slot” is what makes this deck interesting. In his list I believe its Snath and Grab. I’ve experiemented with Cyberdex there and even a Lizzy/1 Grim combo to thwart Val and surprise with Grim.

Snatch and Grab probably swings more games, but it doesn’t help vs. Blitz Kate. Cyberdex can be a corporate bailout vs. Medium, and I suppose Taurus is the best tech against Calisha Kate.

Love the article. Thanks @bblum. If I ever make it to a real tournment Blue Sun glacier’s been my goto deck for a while. The flexibility is great and I love not falling over to parasite as my HB decks aways seem to. It’s really great to see such a detailed commentary from an (or the) expert.

Two questions. Go down the list of your comments and there’s an awful lot of “don’t leave Curtain Wall rezzed because of Shutdown/Knifed/D4V1D etc.”. Is Curtain Wall all it’s cracked up to be? Or is there a case for other ICE in the 9-10 credit range that will pay off less from OAI but are more flexible in terms of placement and/or can force interaction rather than simply bouncing?

The second one is that there is a lot on the importance of forcing runs and how key NAPD is to that. But, as others point out, if you lose a Pri Req early, using NAPD as a trap becomes high risk. Is there a case for a single GRNDL Refinery (I guess you use Shattered Remains instead since you can bounce it) espec as you can fetch it with Bootcamp.

(Incidently my answers atm are I run one Orion instead of one Curtain Wall - it has the same weaknesses to D4V1D etc but you can guard it behind other ice more easily; and I’m currently testing a GRDNL).

I’ve been toying with cutting the OAI/Curtain package from Blue sun recently. Nothing concrete to report yet, but I do like it a lot more than any deck I’ve played that runs both of them so far. Running more midrangey ice and non-combo econ in those slots removes a lot of the issues I’ve had with Blue Sun in the past.


Yay, a fantastic primer on my go-to corp deck! I’ve been playing BP-less Blue Sun since Worlds, and waffled between Scorched and no for a while. Literally made the decision half an hour before Worlds. Then I’ve Had Worse came along, and now killing is just too unreliable. Pure glacier and Shaper-esque flexibility rewarding creative play is where it’s at.

A couple things not mentioned that I think are worth considering:

  • GRNDL Refinery is a great trap, and an alternative way to get up to the ludicrous amounts of cash required to rez a full ICE suite of this nature.
  • If you find influence for an Aggressive Secretary, that can straight up win games. Once they decide you don’t have any teeth, AggSec hits hard. Doesn’t help in most Shaper matchups, though.
  • I found a lot to like about using Nebula, especially as your only sentry. You don’t advance it, as the overcosted rez cost isn’t an issue when you can bounce it back. Especially after you’ve trained them to only fear credit loss from face checking, a STR 5 sentry can be a nasty shock. Also good for taxing D4V1D counters. Again, not great in the shaper match, though.
  • I like Changeling. Especially as a 1- or 2-of.
  • I can’t help but be worried about Hacktivist Support. There’s always the option of leaving Adonis out for 3 turns at a time, but still. If only Weyland had an appropriate current, or the influence for Cereberal Static. (DON’T LOOK AT ME THAT WAY IT’S GOOD.) Maybe there will be something to be done with Lag Time?
  • I’m intrigued by Dan’s idea of going down to 1x 5/3. My instinct is to be worried about not scoring an Atlas early, as sometimes you draw 5 NAPDs before any other agendas. (grumble grumble grumble)
  • I cant wait until Weyland gets their own protection upgrade.
  • If you want to beat this, play Running Interference. Seriously. It’s hilarious.
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I’ve been trying Glen Station as an alternative to Corp War, if you score it early one of the Pri Req’s can hang out there. Also The Root. I think The Root is better with Corp War, but it combos with unused Bootcamps to net +4c a turn. I had that going with an Adonis and I was out-moneying a Magnum Opus :smiling_imp:

I’ve run The Root before, but when the right play against this deck is to mostly sit back, I don’t want to be encouraging the runner to do that. Also, making a second remote is something I try to avoid, as great at the EBC 4c/click thing is.

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What about Meri Mati in for Ice Wall? It’s 1 more cost, but the +3 strength on HQ seems worthwhile to up the tax.

It serves the same purpose as Ice Wall early (throw it whereever you need a gear check), but then can be pulled back and boosted on HQ if you need a barrier there…