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Board Game Arena

If you didn’t know about this website, and you like board games, you’re very very welcome.
As I find posting links to be too time consuming for my patience on mobile, just google it.


Definitely worth checking out

This could be great. Thanks for the plug!

I mainly play Seasons on there.

Haven’t been on there in ages. Destroyed at Race for the Galaxy.


yeah I used to play a shit ton of Race for the Galaxy on there

Link: www.boardgamearena.com
I play Race for the Galaxy and Through the Ages on there a ton.

I like that they’ve added the expansions for RftG.

I’m actually not CrushU on there, though. That name was apparently taken, which is very rare… Instead my username is Gmrxtrme if you want to find me and lose some RftG games. :smiley:



Sorry, just going to go now.

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The expansions mostly work, but just be warned that not all of the rules are correctly implemented - for example, the 3 points you should get for tying a “most” goal at the end of the game are just not awarded - and Rebel vs Imperium in particular still has a fair few bugs floating around. Still fun to play though.


Thanks for the share CMC. Didn’t know about this site, but plan to spend some more time on it in the future now after playing around for a few hours.

I realized I didn’t really know any of the games on there, so I’ve been mostly glancing through them and seeing what piques my interest. Played a round of Seasons with a friend (will play again), then migrated over to Tokaido, which was a ton of fun (will definitely play again; such great flavor and art). After playing that with 2 friends, got invited to a public lobby and lost by just 2 points right at the end. Not bad for the first time playing with people who actually knew the rules :stuck_out_tongue:

Watched Tabletop’s (starring Wil Wheaton) gameplay of Stone Age, and that also looks good. I’ll probably have a fair bit of games I’ll actually enjoy playing on there when all’s said and done. My handle is the same on there as on here, so feel free to friend me and we’ll game sometime (open invitation to all).

Yeah you played some of the better games that are on there.

Puerto Rico is worth checking out since it’s one of the ‘new classics’… Some people claim it’s a solved game. I don’t believe that. :wink:

Stone Age is a very good introduction to Worker Placement mechanics.

Keyflower is another on there that you should definitely try at least once.

Through the Ages is a masterpiece, BUT, it’s using the old version. There’s an updated version that’s called ‘Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization’ that fixes the problems with TtA (Military becomes not as brutally backbreaking, some of the specifically broken Leaders/Wonders got fixed.) It’s Still a good game, but it can be very unforgiving if you screw up somewhere. Give it a look and try out Simple variant. It’s definitely not for everyone though, so if you don’t like it, that’s perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

One of my favorite things about the site is that it frequently has links to the rules for whatever game is on there.

This new version is playable on Boardgamingonline.
I just can’t go back, the game is so good now !

I love running websites through the community opinion filter. I know what to play now! Apparently we all like the same exact games haha

BGA’s interface is so much better though. I can’t bring myself to play it on BGO. I do very much agree that the newer edition is worlds better, though. To the point where I’m waiting for it to appear in stock at my LGS so I can buy it, but only the old version is in stock atm…

There’s another game, Food Chain Magnate, that isn’t on BGA but the creator actually put it up online on their own site, and I can’t recall that site… But the interface there isn’t ‘Live’ which is how I prefer to play games. (It pretends to be Live, but doesn’t seem to refresh often enough last I checked.)