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Burger Tokens for Netrunner are now available

Hey Guys, yesterday we launched our set of Netrunner tokens. They turned out awesome, and we’re sure you will love using them.

Burger Tokens are epoxy labels that are designed to attach on both sides of a US penny (or 2c euro). They’re basically invincible, they have a nice weight to them, and they stack well because of the very slightly grippy nature of the epoxy.

Our netrunner set has 50 tokens:

18 one credit / advancement double-sided flip tokens
5 five credit tokens
7 tag / bad publicity double-sided flip tokens
10 red virus / purple virus double-sided flip tokens
5 brain damage
5 used click / unused click double-sided flip tokens

We design our tokens with three specific goals in mind:

  1. They can be understood across the table.
  2. They have similar designs and colors to the official tokens.
  3. They look awesome.

We think it’s important that you shouldn’t have to explain what each of your tokens are to every person you play.

The BurgerTokens Team


people say the corps aren’t all bad when they do shit like this

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These look great! Has anyone ever tried any of these Penny gem styled tokens? I’ve always been interested.

Hey BroBromero,

On reddit, someone asked about the quality of our Legend of the 5 Rings tokens.
You can read what people have said about them here:

Typo :slight_smile:

How much is it to send them in France ?


About $12 to $13 USD

Also you can save on shipping if you convince some friends to go in on an order with you. Shipping is free internationally when you buy 5 sheets or more with coupon BUYWITHFRIENDS100.

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These remind me strongly of Dave Howell’s PennyGems that were created by Kickstarter a number of years ago.

He’s apparently no longer making them, but there does seem to still be some in his web store.

I’m a bit worried about residue from the tokens getting on my cards/sleeves since the epoxy is described as slightly grippy. Can anyone comment on this? Thanks.

These look lovely.

If you ever do a second edition, may I suggest you consider doing used/unused flip tokens for bad publicity, and then putting tags on the back of brain damage? I know it’s a departure from the standard tokens, but I’ve often thought it would make tracking bad publicity credits a lot easier.

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Our tokens don’t leave any residue. They aren’t grippy because of some adhesive on the outside, the polyurethane dome is naturally slightly grippy.

One cool feature of our tokens is that since you assemble them yourself, you can make your tokens double-sided in whatever manner you want. Brain damage / Tag flip tokens is easily doable, however there is no used bad publicity label unfortunately.

I just got my copy of these last night; they’re very nicely done! Now I just have to convince you all to do LotR LCG…

I have been a longtime PennyGems user, and I can confirm that the (essentially identical) tech leaves no residue whatsoever on card sleeves or anything else.

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Hey Guys,

We found out that some of the sheets from our Netrunner 1st Edition had a different and weaker adhesive that might not stick as well to your coins as it should because the manufacturer decided to cheap out on us. We’re in the process of working with a new manufacturer now.

Our manufacturer sent us free replacements with proper adhesive (and a slightly larger surface area) that works well. Needless to say, we’re working on developing a relationship with a new manufacturer that can promise us more consistency.

It’s important to us that you love the tokens you bought from us, so we want to make it up to you by sending you free replacement sheets if you’ve had any issues with the “buns” not sticking. No questions asked. Just send us an email from the email address you bought them with.

email us at:

We’re sincerely sorry and hope that you can forgive us if you were unhappy with your tokens in any way. You mean a lot to us because you are one of our early supporters, so we are going to do what we can to make sure you’re happy. We want you to be comfortable recommending us to your friends because you think that we (and our tokens) are awesome!

The Burger Tokens Team


I am not sure if this is possible, but if it is I guess I am not the only one who would like to have something similar.

I think most of us have multiple core sets (I have 4) and we have a couple extra tokens lying around, it would be cool if someone would create a transfer sheet/sticker sheet with 3 bad pub token sized Femme Fatale counters, 3 bad pub token sized Security Testing Counters, Cyber-cypher and maybe even 3 bad pub sized Temujin Contract counters (if they get down from the NAPD MWL).

And I would love to have some stickers for my credits, to make them double sided 2 credit tokens and double sided three credit tokens.

I hand painted them and I am happy with the result, but having stickers would be even better.