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Cache Refresh "nights" on Jinteki

I’ve noticed that it can be hard to get Cache Refresh game on Jinteki.

Not everyone is interested in the format, so the chances of bumping into another player at random times on Jinteki can be low.

Would having some unofficial “Cache Refresh Nights” on Jinteki help out?

Of course, the hours of the “night” might not be night everywhere. But if there was a call for, say, “Wednesday Night Cache Refresh” on Jinteki from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. EDT, would people show up to play?

Does this sound like a decent idea?

What would be the best way to spread the word?


might be better to just designate a whole day for it. will mitigate the tie zone issue a little bit just by widening the time window a whole lot.

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Yeah … but then I worry that with that big a window it won’t be much different than just trying to get a game right now. The goal is to try to increase the number of CR players hovering around Jinteki for a certain period of time. Might be an unworkable idea. Just trying to be creative.

I think it’s a good idea. I’d love to play some casual cache refresh, but like you said it can be hard to get a game going.

I think it’s a good idea, wednesday is not the better day for me but I can be there late. If I log in a wenesday, I’ll play cache.

I like the idea, though I won’t make it often if it’s Wednesday.

As far as spreading the word, I think you’d get pretty far with just this forum thread, a pinned message in the Cache Refresh slack channel, and posts on Netrunner Dorks and the subreddit. Maybe add reminder posts/messages in all those places at the beginning of each Cache Refresh night.

Probably much harder to implement than spitball, but would a Cache Refresh room on Jinteki help? Perhaps some people might be drawn in if they can clearly see that other games are happening…

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I’d welcome the idea but I get the sense that such things are a no go for multiple reasons

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I’d definitely join a game or two as I always have a few Cache Refresh decks brewing.