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Can a hosted card host other cards?

I’m currently working on designing a web-based game engine and a few questions came up while dealing with hosted cards:

  • can a hosted card host other cards?
  • if so, how deep can it get? (The design might change depending on whether there is a hard limit or not)
  • do you have any examples in mind?

Sure it can. Easiest example would be:

  • Omni-Drive hosts Djinn
  • Djinn hosts another Djinn
  • Second Djinn hosts third Djinn
  • Third Djinn hosts Scheherazade
  • Scheherazade hosts another program of your choice

I’m somewhat sure that’s as deep as you can get, given the current card pool. As soon as another Djinn-like card comes out, though - BAM, another three levels deep right there.

So, answers:

  • Yes
  • m + (n*3) + 1, where m is the number of unique programs and hardware able to host programs, n the number of programs able to host programs (unless I’m too tired for proper thinking and messed that up)
  • See above :stuck_out_tongue:
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I think you could go one deeper. (INCEPTION)

  • Omni-Drive hosts Djinn1
  • Djinn1 hosts Djinn2
  • Djinn2 hosts Djinn3
  • Djinn3 hosts Scheherazade
  • Scheherazade hosts any icebreaker
  • The icebreaker hosts 1-3 Personal Touches (granted, the exact wording is “install only on an icebreaker,” but that’s basically hosting on the icebreaker, no?)

Why not have EACH Djinn host a Scheherazade that hosts the next Djinn, at that point?

Scheherazade’s unique. :smiley: Otherwise you could stack 'em to the sky.

I missed that entirely. Good to know, thanks!

Good thinking on the Personal Touches - I was thinking about whether to include it in the chain, but somehow completely blanked on this particular possibility!

Thanks a lot @PeekaySK and @stoppableforce for your answers. I take it that hosting might be pretty deep :wink:

Interesting - are we sure that using scherhazerade allows you to circumvent Djinn’s “cannot host icebreakers” limitation?

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Positive. They’re hosted on her, not on the Djinn. Also, they’re using your memory, not the Djinn’s pseudo-memory.

Yes, but there’s no point since only cards directly hosted on a Djinn benefit from it’s “Hosted cards do not consume memory” ability.