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Can a hosted card host other cards?


I’m currently working on designing a web-based game engine and a few questions came up while dealing with hosted cards:

  • can a hosted card host other cards?
  • if so, how deep can it get? (The design might change depending on whether there is a hard limit or not)
  • do you have any examples in mind?


Sure it can. Easiest example would be:

  • Omni-Drive hosts Djinn
  • Djinn hosts another Djinn
  • Second Djinn hosts third Djinn
  • Third Djinn hosts Scheherazade
  • Scheherazade hosts another program of your choice

I’m somewhat sure that’s as deep as you can get, given the current card pool. As soon as another Djinn-like card comes out, though - BAM, another three levels deep right there.

So, answers:

  • Yes
  • m + (n*3) + 1, where m is the number of unique programs and hardware able to host programs, n the number of programs able to host programs (unless I’m too tired for proper thinking and messed that up)
  • See above :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you could go one deeper. (INCEPTION)

  • Omni-Drive hosts Djinn1
  • Djinn1 hosts Djinn2
  • Djinn2 hosts Djinn3
  • Djinn3 hosts Scheherazade
  • Scheherazade hosts any icebreaker
  • The icebreaker hosts 1-3 Personal Touches (granted, the exact wording is “install only on an icebreaker,” but that’s basically hosting on the icebreaker, no?)


Why not have EACH Djinn host a Scheherazade that hosts the next Djinn, at that point?


Scheherazade’s unique. :smiley: Otherwise you could stack 'em to the sky.


I missed that entirely. Good to know, thanks!


Good thinking on the Personal Touches - I was thinking about whether to include it in the chain, but somehow completely blanked on this particular possibility!


Thanks a lot @PeekaySK and @stoppableforce for your answers. I take it that hosting might be pretty deep :wink:


Interesting - are we sure that using scherhazerade allows you to circumvent Djinn’s “cannot host icebreakers” limitation?


Positive. They’re hosted on her, not on the Djinn. Also, they’re using your memory, not the Djinn’s pseudo-memory.


Yes, but there’s no point since only cards directly hosted on a Djinn benefit from it’s “Hosted cards do not consume memory” ability.