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Can anyone connect with Colin Hanna?

His decks are the last missing deck lists for Worlds 2015 top 16 listing on acoo.net.

If anybody can contact him – I could upload the decks for him, just need the lists; I’m at el.ad.david.amir@gmail.com

Am I missing something? It looks like there are plenty of other missing decks on the worlds 2015 page.

Apologies, should have been clearer: top 16 decks.

I don’t see Tim Fowler’s decks either.

I submitted them earlier this morning, had Dave (Cerberus) contact him. Acoo usually takes a couple of days to update submitted decks.


I can contact him, if he hasn’t already contacted you.

I’ll send you a PM within a day if he doesn’t reach out to you.

Haven’t heard from him yet.