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Can Frantic Conspiracy Work?

I’ve been working on a Frantic Omar deck for a while. The idea is to use Conspiracy Breakers and Frantic Coding to set up more quickly than you can with standard breakers and apply earlier pressure to all three centrals.

The hitch in this plan is that the Conspiracy Breakers have some pretty big weaknesses. They are really expensive vs. some common ice (Ichi 1.0, Data Raven, Tollbooth) and don’t have a lot of ice that they break for significantly less than other common breaker options. In short, it is very hard to justify taking the Conspiracy Breakers rather than Yog.0, Mimic, and Datasuckers. Of course, the traditional breakers are not as good with Frantic Coding since you have to fish them out of the heap.

One obvious solution here is to abandon the Frantic Coding plan and just play Temuijin Whizzard, but I’m trying to come up with something different than that. Specifically, I’m trying to come up with a fast-starting Anarch and I think Frantic Coding is the best path to that.

Has anyone had success with this approach? Is there a nugget of an idea worth pursuing here? Have you found a way to leverage the strengths of the Conspiracy Breakers and reduce their downsides?


There was a good deckbuilding derezzed video on this. Basically the TLDR is: Whizzard + Temujin for money, Net Ready Eyes + Ice Carver to deal with the strength problem, and 1 Femme Fatale to deal with any really annoying ice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzWnjYxn7S4

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There is this archetype called Frantic Whizz. I think the original decklist is this deck from SimonMoon. The main plan is Frantic for Mopus (the econ engine of the deck), while at the same time putting programs in the bin where you can RetRun them (mostly Femmes) and/or install from heap (Conspiracy breakers). I think the core of that can work out of Omar as well, as you only need six fixed influence (3x Mopus). The RetRun plan might work not so well for him, as there is too much appeal to ICE up Archives already. That deck list is pre-Martial Law, so no MKUltra in there, but you can probably find a place for it rather easy. Also, I think the best way to make up for the weaknesses of the Conspiracy breakers is lowering ICE strength - that’s why Datasuckers and Ice Carver are in SimonMoon’s list, and Şifr is a natural addition as well.

I played the original list a bit and it is a fun deck. If you find a way to make it work out of Omar, it should have some game against some of the combo decks out there (CI7, Hasty, Railgun), because you can Frantic for Medium instead and are not easy to lock out of R&D without serious investment in ICE. Plus, you have Vamp as backup/disruption tool. However, I feel without Whizz bucks you will have a lot of problems against any kind of asset based strategy, and playing Frantic is extremely dangerous against Potatoes/RP Prison.


Paige Piper + Frantic Coding means you don’t have to trash all your cards

but i don’t think Frantic Coding is good with the conspiracy breakers unless you’re dumping some into the heap. part of the main appeal is the clickless install. you can either draw up a lot and pitch them at the end of the turn, or better yet, pitch them for Faust and install them when you need/want them.

Try Making An Entrance as an alternative to Frantic. Still puts your breakers in the heap, but finds you anything else you need at the time.


I just won a store championship with a Frantic Coding Whizzard. Give it a spin and see if you like it.



Thanks for the list and congratulations!

I keep getting the push to go Whizzard. I know why that is the right the choice. I can’t figure out why Omar has 12 influence.

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Because he pressures all three centrals without needing to install any cards.

On the other hand, Whizzard pressures all Assets/Upgrades without needing to install any cards, so… shrug?

Frantic Coding might not be the best fit with Omar because part of the appeal of frantic is dumping femme into the bin for Retrieval Run, and the corp wants to ice archives against Omar.

Still, if I WAS going to try it, I’d probably spend all 12 influence on siphon, and hope for the dream opening hand:

  1. Sure Gamble
  2. Frantic Coding, trashing femme, installing whatever
  3. Retrieval Run to put a femme on HQ
  4. Siphon

Won’t happen very often, but it would be fun :P. Making an Entrance would probably work a lot better here.


If all 12 are spent on Siphon, you no longer have the inf left to play Femme =( Yay 12 influence!

Crushing my dreams :(. And this is why starting as Omar is never the right call unfortunately.

The worlds Whizzard deck with Siphon, Obelus, and Faust+Paperclip+Orchestra used Rebirth to turn into Omar most of the time. It used practically all of Omar’s thematic cards, and didn’t even run Whizzard synergy cards like Slums. By most means it is an Omar deck, but with two more influence and an ability that is also good - but with options to be other Anarch IDs and two more influence to boot, counting Rebirth’s -1. And two influence went a long way, adding stuff like D4v1ds and Hades Shard.

An aggressive omni-pressure Anarch doesn’t run Conspiracy as the primaries. It’s just not doable. AI breakers are the name of the game with aggro-orange, and Eater does not match Omar’s ability.

If you really want to sit down with Omar, I would use Hate Bear as a jumping off platform and lose the Rebirth+D4v1ds. New cards like Chiyashi might take you for a ride, but the Corp meta isn’t too mean to the deck. The Account Siphons are signature to keeping Omar’s ability live as long as possible.

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I faced both Temujin and Siphon-based Omar decks at Worlds, and they both seemed strong! Omar synergizes very well with both strategies. There are really only 2 problems:

  1. Omar’s best synergy cards are all criminal cards (Emergency Shutdown, Temujin, and Account Siphon to name a few) so the influence hit hurts really badly
  2. Not being Whizzard makes your win rate against asset-based corps drop by about 40%
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I wonder how many credits and influence a card that let you rebirth across factions would have to cost. Andy -> Omar would be so good!

I think that speaks to why for a certain brand of criminal, Sneakdoor Beta is such a good card.

Edit: Acck, I’m sorry for pushing this thread even further towards a discussion about Omar and less a discussion of Frantic Coding.

Rebirth is an Anarchs best friend… To me it’s like if you don’t want Valenica to start with for the Bad Pub or 50 cards, you can go Whiz, then early game if you are getting biotic or operation hell instead of Asset spam go Kim, and then late game you can go Omar, for a free Sneakdoor Beta install (that’s actually better, R&D or HQ) without the credit cost, memory penalty, or 3 INF (2 actually if you count the rebirth) cost. It’s bonkers I can’t see how anyone would go without Rebirth in Anarch, no brainer to me. I actually saw a friend playing Sneakdoor in Anarch, and I was like what are you doing?

So basically in anarch if you include Rebirth, you get 17 INF for all your 15 homeboys. I am just wanting to see a 40/15 anarch GOD PLEASE!

p.s. I am going to build my own Frantic Deck right now, thank you, that’s hot! My only question is for starters, how do I get the first Frantic Coding? :frowning:

I know how, inject and worse. But what about Ark Lockdown? :frowning:

I beat two lockdown decks and it was definitely a challenge. You just have to be careful. I injected an Opus and a paperclip so I retrieval run’ed the opus and face-planted a barrier (that was already rezzed) to install the paperclip.

You can definitely play around Lockdown. You just can’t be as cavalier with your Frantic Coding and Injects as you would like.