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Can i use Aaron marron when i have no tag? (please close/merge)

Can i use Aaron marron when i have no tag??

Lawyer up say (remove up to) 2tags
But aaron marron is not

Because it’s an “and” it is two effects together. As long as one of those effects can cause a change in game state it is okay to use.


So as long as I’m tagged OR my deck is not empty, I can use Aaron?

You’re causing a change in the game state by removing a counter, the change being that Aaron has 1 less counter, even if you have no deck and no tags, right?

This is not correct. The token is the cost. You can’t take cost into account if there is a change in the state.

Same invalid argument for people wanting to trash Forger without tags to draw with Geist (in addition to the invalid argument that triggering the draw is change in the state of the game). Although, trashing Forger is a change in state of the game, it is not considered when the ability can be used.


@tvaduva has it correct. You can use Aaron if you have a tag, or you have a draw available, or both. But there must be some change in the game state caused by the effect of the ability, not the cost.

Also, please ask questions in the Official Rules Question Thread (and this was already answered there).