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Can we talk about self destruct?

My local group has been messing around quite a bit with Industrial Genomics, and one card that keeps coming up for me is self destruct.

Chairman Hiro seems borderline playable in this deck (he is much more protected in R&D with his absurdly high trash cost in IG, and the presence of Executive Boot Camp means 1 copy can be relevant without adding too many extra scoring oportunities) and self destruct makes it impossible to for the runner to score him. it can also protect an installed FP, especially if jackson is in play, and make running a ronin a no-win scenario (if, ofc, you have the cash to make SD stick)

Besides this deck, i’m wondering if it might make other executives playable (Haas, the upcoming “the board”) What are people thinking? is this as exciting as I think it can be, or is it just another poor deckslot contender?

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I can already imagine a deck that uses Argus security to punish the runner every time they make a run and the Board to make their agendas worthless plus make them run more often. And use Self-Desctruct to blow up the Board if they actually make a succesful run on it.

If the Board leaves play you lose the game though.(If the Board was doing anything in the first place.)

Only thing that Board is good with is Punitive, unless I’m missing something?

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Maybe… Argus + Board + Off the Grid/Crisium Grid + Closed Accounts + 1-pointers + NAPD? Few to no Ice to take advantage of all the moneymaking bad publicity agendas - if the runner want one they can choke on it. Also, bluffing a naked Jackson (for power shutdown combo) that the runner dare not run becasue it might -be- an agenda appeals to me somehow =)

Loses horribly to Imp and any number of cards but goddamn it would be funny. Gotta build this somehow.

Are we thinking of the same card? It seems like you’re talking about government takeover?

The Board reduces agenda points in their score area by 1?
I think so? The weyland executive?

If your opponent does not have 7 agenda points in total then it’s actually just doing nothing.

If your opponent has more than 7 agenda points they have a clear target to win the game and don’t need to rely on random access. Even if you do manage to get rid of your own board, you just turned on all of their agenda points…losing the game.

It works with Punitive because they can score 3, 3 pointers, not win, then you can punitive for a ton. Other than that, not seeing competitive applications.


ok, well, I’m not really super interested in the board, per se (I only brought it up as another example of a card with the “becomes an agenda if the runner trashes it” clause) I’m not sure I agree that it does nothing unless the runner is at 7, but I don’t disagree that it seems like the weakest of the super-execs. Hiro can set up a large number of flatline scenarios that would otherwise be difficult or impossible, and Haas is a free biotic labor every turn.

up until now the fact that they are worth points to the runner has made them very irresponsible to play. Now that they can be tutored for (by EBC) and self-trashed (by self-destruct, preventing them from being “scored”), I’m wondering what decks there might be that suddenly have a place for these previously bad (but undeniably powerful) cards.

Part of what always made these cards weak was their vulnerability in R&D, which Self-Destruct doesn’t help with. There may be an edge case there with Hiro in IG, I don’t know, but every time I’ve tried Haas she’s cost me games by increasing my R&D density rather than being trashed out of a remote. It’s very hard for a runner to be able to get in and trash a five cost card when you don’t expect it so you could always already install something over her if she felt vulnerable.

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This is a great point. Right now i’m mostly testing Hiro in IG (good results so far, it seems) In addition to IG protecting him even in R&D, I only run one copy, and use EBC to tutor him as soon as I have enough nasty traps in hand to discourage HQ digging.

Sometimes I’ve just blatantly installed him after tutoring: if I have 2-3 shocks in archives (again, thank you EBC) and a couple EMPs in hand, if the runner takes the archives damage then comes to trash Hiro and eats the self destruct, if they’re not dead already they often soon are.

I’ve used Haas quite a bit and think it a much better choice . Jinteki has a lot if 3 clickt agendas.

Stick shell Corp with psychic field or caprice. Drop Haas when you draw with self destruct.