Can you tax clicks?

Runners are so rich right now that trying to open scoring windows by taxing credits is nearly impossible.

Money is hard to tax out. What about clicks? HB has several ways to reduce clicks and punish runners who lose clicks or have none. Is there a deck out there that can open up scoring windows with click taxes and by gaining click advantage?

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Yes; Replicating Perfection and Enhanced Login Protocol are the largest sources of Click taxing.

The problem is that RP died because of Rumor Mill killing the only defensive upgrades it could use to prevent runs, Ash, Caprice, and Batty.

At its heart, Caprice and Ash are also Click taxers, with Ash able to be mitigated by a large runner credit pool.

I’ve been running two strong boxes in my AoT deck and I’ve had good results with it. At a certain stage is is expensive to get into servers AND have clicks left over. But I feel like ash is still super helpful as it forces them to have a click AND real money.

Bioroids and Heinlein Grid seem better than ever. The runner either blows through all their money breaking bioroids or loses it all by using clicks to break.


Yes! I made one.


One of the reasons CTM is so strong is that it taxes clicks against most Runners. The need to trash early political assets and clear the resulting tags means many Runner turns are only 2 clicks in the early game.

I love this fucking deck. Playing it a shitload lately. Every single time I lose, I always think about it and discover lines that absolutely would have won me the game.

On a side note, how are you so damn good at making decks, BB? Especially ones that are, like, the best parts of ANR?


I don’t put in shit cards or stupid combos. Every game you play with Blackmail or 24/7 makes you worse at this game.


Do you think people may start easing off of 24/7 now that On the Lam is out?

No. No one is gonna play On the Lam.


Is this assuming that On the Lam trashes the connection, or is it unplayable even though it only trashes itself? It matches up pretty well vs BN and HHN.

Why would people not play on the lam? It seems decent, if odd.

Those two cards have destroyed me in lots of games, so I guess I’m getting trounced by bad players.

It has quite the setup - first, you need a connection (that should be playable in itself), and then you need On the Lam, which is three credits. And all this needs to be in place before the News hits.

NACH has lots of setup as well, but that’s to make it permanent. If you need a temporary fix you just play it.

On the Lam is any resource, of which criminal decks play a fair few.

this is a common confusion, but it doesn’t require a connection, only a resource. And it doesn’t sacrifice the resource, it trashes itself. Honestly, I think they’re good in any crime deck. Put two in with three siphons and they’re always useful and if you have to stop a hhn or a 24/7 they can even be SOTed. But I don’t know for a fact it’s good.

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What it does require is some sort of permanent resource - daily casts, hotel, SOT are all common resources you don’t want to put otl on. You can put it on high value resources like Turning Wheel because out partly protected them, but there are ways to trash resources without tags.

No, they are good cards. They are in the “stupid combos” category :stuck_out_tongue:

Because 3 credits is basically infinity credits, and it’s blank vs non-yellow.

You could use it to dodge siphon tags if you need to siphon more than once in a turn and not be tagged, but I agree that outside of 24/7 it has limited utility.

If 24/7 is a major concern for someone, I could see slotting it, but personally I don’t think I will. I’d rather have a CI7 silver bullet, and even then I’d rather save the slots and just play smarter with siphon.