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Canadian Nationals?


I am considering making the trip to Canadian Nationals this year, is there any information on where and/or when it will be held this year?


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We would love to have you at Canadian Nationals!

Unfortunately we don’t even have information on Canadian Regionals yet (or even solid info on US regionals), much less Nationals. However, given FFG’s time frame it’s likely that Nationals will be in the late Summer / early Fall.

There is a regional in Vancouver on the 27th of may if that helps at all. Don’t know of any others.

Just a quick bump to see if there was any info on this yet


I sent a tweet to Lion Rampant Imports (they were the ones who organised the Canadian Nationals last year). They said that due to the purchase of FFG by Asmode, they were no longer running those events for FFG, someone else would be doing it.

Asmodee purchased FFG. Things are not the same. Info will have to come from one of those companies. @FFGames can you help?

— Lion Rampant Imports (@LionRampantImp) June 12, 2017

I then tweeted @FFGOP a few weeks later and got their usual cheerful and very useful response!

Nothing currently announced. If there is, we'll be sure to update our events page: https://t.co/qRgREIBc6i

— FFG Organized Play (@FFGOP) July 11, 2017
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Thanks for chasing up and providing the update, it’s much appreciated

In the TorSaug City Grid group on facebook, There was “Quazi” conformation that It was going to happen.

“I know two things: it’s definitely happening, and it’s not in Thunder Bay.”

My guess is they will announce it at their regionals there on Saturday

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This just in: Nationals is tentatively at Yorkdale Holiday Inn in Toronto, Sept 22-24.

This is not an official announcement, and therefore subject to change.

This was from the TorSaug city grid group. I was at that hotel last year for the event, it’s a great venue.

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Sorry, what the fuck. What is Lion Rampant and what the fuck is FFG Organized Play. Whose fucking job is it to organize and clearly communicate this. FFG will live on for a long time as a boardgame publisher, and I’m happy for them, but they’ll never get another cent out of me once I quit playing Netrunner.

Here is the link to the tournament registration page.

So it looks like the player cap is less than the number of players they had last year, and they’re starting up to five rounds of Swiss at 3 PM on Friday.

If they’d announced it much sooner, I might have considered planning a trip to Toronto around Nationals, but looking at that schedule I’m almost glad I didn’t have the chance. I hope the distributor change helps with planning Nationals for next year.

hmm, 56 is an odd player cap, considering there were 61 last year.

Can someone explain to me what on earth a distributor has to do with planning a tournament? What is the job of FFG Organized Play?

I dunno, this is really not enough notice to give people.

It’s the maximum number for which only five rounds of Swiss are needed, according to the advanced tournament structure. My guess would be that it was picked primarily for scheduling reasons.

Why are the Star Wars games even being done at the same time as the LCGs? I thought FFG switched it so that this overlap doesn’t happen at all…

They separated the two groups of games for Worlds, but they also changed the way nationals scheduling works. From their page about the different tournament types:

Starting in 2017, National Championships will not have a fixed scheduling window, meaning they can be run at any time during the year. This flexibility will allow these tournaments to take place at highly attended conventions, festivals, or other similar gatherings.

On the one hand, just because they can be scheduled at major conventions doesn’t mean they will be.

On the other hand, I just went looking for conventions that could in theory host nationals, and I found this very interesting note.

EDIT: And also the announcement of the 2018 Canadian Nationals.

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I can’t say that I’m a fan of this flexibility in scheduling. It means that, assuming Breakout gets Nationals next year, we’ll have two National level tournaments in a row before anyone can get their byes from Regionals.

That said, I can kinda get behind next year’s announcement anyway. Assuming it includes Netrunner, anyway.

A big tournament / con in March is good too, thats a pretty quiet time in gaming and tournaments. (I’ve never come close to a regionals bye, so I’m not so worried about that to haha). I do agree that scheduling this 6-8 months in advance can only be a good thing

It would be nice if byes from the 2017 Regionals could be used at either one. I seem to remember reading somewhere that they’d be valid for some reasonable length of time, but I can’t find that anywhere now, so I may have just been misremembering the new rules for byes from Nationals.

Does anyone with a Regionals bye card want to tell us if it says anything about this on it?

I do like the advance notice a lot. I’m seriously considering planning my next Toronto trip around that now.

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Just checked my bye card won at a Regionals two months ago, it says it is valid for any Nationals happening in 2017 or 2018, so plenty of time to use it.

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