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Capital Area Android:Netrunner Achievement League (CAA:NRAL)

Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD players:

I’m organizing a casual achievement league to take place from 06/01 - 08/01. Attendance has been dropping at my FLGS (Canton Games) and based on posts on the CAA:NR facebook page, it seems like that might be the case at other locations nearby.

Let’s have some fun and reverse this trend.

Here’s the list of achievements.

Cost: Free

Game stores: Feel free to sponsor competitions within your store (e.g. pay $5 to enter, provide prizes from a GNK to winners within your store).

Prize support: I’m building a couple of electronic click-trackers, and will poach some 3-d printer time from my office to make some tokens. I’ve reached out to a few stores to kick in prizes for the global pool, but I’m not getting any takers yet.

Online sign-ups will happen at some point over memorial day weekend.



Sign up on this awesome form! Good luck and have fun!