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Card art

Just wanted to open up a discussion on card art of Nisei. Wanted to get some feedback about what people think. What’s there favourite card what’s there least favourite card and so on and so on.

I’ll open up with I generally quite like it all. But the new anarch ID. I feel it does not fit the theme of android and to me it’s basically injecting a sub category anime art into netrunner. Which seems to be servicing just a few people.


I assume you mean the flip side of her ID, because the front is specifically a more realistic style that is pretty close to the other IDs.

Even if so, I disagree with you. Anime of course is going to be a nerd subculture in the future. Just as it is now. If anything, it’s really odd that the theme has never existed in the game up to this point.


Ether side. I think they both look like magical girl style. When you just have the art by it self it looks like magical girl anime.

I would not say themes are absorbed by ANR can you give an example of this? I think ANR makes alot of references to all sorts of things, but its not a simulation of something else. Its a reference drawn in the android style.

Eg Bryan Stinson its not a screen shot of “how i met your mother” its drawn in the Android style.

Just my 2 cents about the card art.

I can understand it must be hard getting art together for cards. Probably get legal problems buying art. Probably get legal problems raising cash for artists, and a million hurdles i’m unaware of. I’m really happy with Nisei work and all the effort gone into this great game. I want to say thanks for the work and i was just just raising a concern of my own.

Hoshiko’s front side is one of my favourite pieces of art ever.

It’s not really anime style. It’s anime inspired, because she is a magical girl, but the actual art style is consistent with the rest of Android. Her eyes don’t go over her hairline etc.

I like all of it. I do have my own personal exceptions (due to personal taste being more realistic stuff with good proportions and whatnot) but I like the approach that NISEI is taking. Commissioning VERY different artists has allowed us to see how different people envision the world of Android, both in meat and digital space.

At first I was a bit skeptical about the whole deepdream thing but it turned out to be quite amazing and very fitting for the art of most cards.

If I were to say I don’t like something specific, it would be that some cards have way too simplistic art when compared to others and could have had a whole lot more done for them. But again, personal opinion, since I’m sure a lot of people might actually find that sort of thing really cool.

It’s art; you can’t really go right or wrong with it, can you? There will always be someone that likes or dislikes it.

Also, the whole “servicing only a few” could be true, but I will say once again that NISEI has done great with servicing pretty much fans of all styles with the huge variance of art styles they’ve put into the game. So I can’t say much for the just one or two cards I don’t like.

EDIT: Oh, I really don’t like the new Colossus because it’s historically inaccurate and also the worst possible depiction of the Colossus I’ve personally seen to date. The art looks amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like it for the aforementioned reasons. It sorta even annoys me when I see it. A lot of people that don’t do enough research tend to make mistakes like that.

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