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Cards and decks you are trying to make work, but can't

Dearest Immolation Script,

I know I’ve been distant lately, but I still think about you often. You melted the ICE around my heart, and taught me to pressure Archives in a way I never thought possible. I know we haven’t played together much, but I promise your day will come. I just need a little more time.

Missing your warmth,



It’s possible to make a half-decent build, but the match is almost 80% decided the moment the ID hits the table. HB? Apex loses.


Oaktown Grid (Not renovations but the HB upgrade).

I love what the card does, but it’s a shame that they didn’t include

This applies even during the run on which the runner trashes Oaktown grid

Like on other cards like Red herrings. Still its interaction with Ash is pretty damn good and opens up some nice scoring windows.


Hey, the CT Game Day / Bagbiter / Notoriety / Faust decks are pretty awesome, as long as nobody is running 24/7 or Breaking News + The All-Seeing I…


Dangit, Victoria, we had something there…

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I was thinking about this yesterday and I think if Breaker Bay Grid didn’t exist this would be the replacement card, even though Oaktown Grid is worse in literally every way.

Oaktown Grid + Eve Campaign = 9 credits to trash and 6 to rez plus the install clicks.

BBG + Eve = 7 to trash and costs the Corp nothing but the clicks used to install it.

Adding the “even during the run on which ‘x’ is trashed” clause doesn’t really save it, unfortunately I think.

I feel like many of the Grids are so hit or miss. SanSan, Breaker Bay, and Crisium are fantastic. Port Anson, Satellite, and Midway much less so.


@ErikTwice @voltorocks I’ve been playing Midway Spark exclusively for the past month and a half. It has legs, though my list is pre-MWL:

I’ll meet you Midway

Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach (Data and Destiny)

Agenda (9)

Asset (10)

Upgrade (9)

Operation (3)

Barrier (5)

Code Gate (9)

Sentry (4)

The idea was originally inspired by Jon Hartmann’s NEH during SC’s last year. Grail is the perfect counterpart to Midway, since each of nine ice can have a maximum of three subs, making the normal break cost for each piece six credits(barring Sunny’s breakers, which is three).

I then focused on making it as taxing as possible, which is why I went for Spark. A well-timed ad rez can cripple the runner just enough for a scoring window. It also helps that it gives you enough economy to stack the ICE. TL;DR becomes very useful with Grail, and Assassin just fit right in. Red herrings doesn’t protect itself, but has saved me more often than not and is influence free.

Post-MWL I’ll want to keep the NAPDs. The Astros were great, but can easily be replaced here. I’d probably take out the Adonis and one Crisium Grid for the influence.


The problem is that they can just access and trash the grid first, hence the complaint about lack of text similar to Red Herrings: “Including the run in which this card is trashed”.

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Right, but that only bumps that up to 12 trash in one go and you still pay 6 to rez the set. BBG is just better.

I’m not saying add Red Herrings, I’m pointing out, like @ryanbantwins, that the runner can pay 1 cred {correction: assuming it’s rezzed, it increases it’s own trash cost to 4} to trash Oaktown Grid, then 5 creds to trash Eve, for a total of 6 creds. Besides that, Red Herrings is only for agendas, so I’m not sure where you’re getting your numbers.

Oaktown Grid increases its own trash cost.


I’m assuming the Oaktown Grid is rezzed, increasing it’s own trash cost from 1 to 4.

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That makes more sense; I thought you were saying Red Herrings would increase the trash cost and couldn’t figure out where the numbers were coming from :smile:


I’ve been having success with a grail CP (posted over in the CP thread). It seems perform especially well against DLR.

i made a functional deck with the board. let meet at j.net and ill show u :smile:


Is this the “meet me at the X if you want an ass-kicking” of stimhack? :slight_smile:


it’s just too early to share it. need to suprise some people first :smile:


“Meet me at Zona Sul Shipping and we’ll have it out the old fashioned way: with Switchblades and Morningstars.”


Security Nexus in Nasir or Reina. I sometimes get builds which almooost work but are never enough to stand up to current corp decks.

Can I interest you in a Silhouette DLR Connection deck? :wink:

All in one bad deck: NEXT (ID), Minelayer, Errand Boy, Howler. Wanted to try to get NEXT’s silly amount of required ICE helping it out economically and with tempo. Architect also real good. Of course, if they just choose to break your ICE, or just hold off for big runs, the whole idea falls apart.

Plus, parasite. I’d revisit with new ICE choices, but low inf anyway.

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