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Casual OCTGN Tournament (Store Champ called over weather)

Cincinnati’s Art of War store champ has been delayed until March 15; in light of that some of us are interested in running an OCTGN tournament today! We will do prize support from our own collections; alt-Scorched, alt-Kati, alt-Aesop’s, alt-Wyldside, all up for grabs.
The format will vary depending on how many are interested- we could do a few swiss rounds using software, round robin it and go strictly based on prestige, or even mess with a double-elimination style bracket depending on attendance. Leave a comment below if you’re interested! I’ll keep the thread open and check periodically for the next hour or so (currently noon EST) to see if there is any interest and update this thread for players I’m accumulating via other threads/posts.

Interested depending on exactly when it is, since i’m busy through parts of the day.

Same as Mendax. I’ve a tournament tomorrow and I don’t think I will be able to play all night, since i’m from EU.

We could do an 8 person double elimination or something and get started shortly.

I might play depending on timeframe (I’m from Europe)

Interested and European.

(though I’m up for playing late into the night)

EV was looking positive (fun - wife hate quotient) until family sledding trip was mooted. Blowing that off for octgn leads to a db0 error on the WHQ…

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Interested and European!

Interested and just woke up.

Past 2am and no infos. Time to go to bed :frowning: