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Casual Player Club (Jinteki.net)


Hi guys, I guess I’m a fairly competitive player, but I love testing out weird decks and trying some janky stuff, so I hope I’m welcome :smiley: . My jnet handle is znsolomon.


Hey! I’d love to join up. I’ve been playing since the falltime but don’t feel quite up to par yet.
My jnet is quellers


The casual play group is still open and moderatrly active. We use Google Hangouts to chat though so you can PM Hidden or myself with your Gmail address and we will add you to the chat. All are welcome!


This is a perfect group for people who aren’t super competitive and maybe are the kind of players who like Netrunner but wouldn’t attend a tournament.


Good Morning @Zzzman74! Love the idea and would enjoy to join. I’m not interested in the organized / tournament play side of Netrunner at all. I rather believe in playing casually with the not so perfect even somewhat / partially random decks. Anyway, my handle on jnet is chiefowl1971.


I would like to participate! My jinteki handle is also witchOfTheEast.


To add you we need your GOOGLE HANGOUT information. That’s how we communicate. If you send that info I’ll be happy to add you!


hey all, I would love to join. However, I am a noob who has not played a single game of NR. I would love to learn and if this group is going to be casual, I might be able to actually learn.

I am terrified to play my first game online because I am going to be slow and stink. The stinking part doesn’t bother me too much because we all start somewhere. I just know when I tried to get into MtG a couple years ago the players are total jerks about teaching and being patient.

Anyways, I have a username there, Dicegod.


Hey Dicegod! I imagine you’ve already been advised to set your game type as “new player” or something like that on jnet so folks know that you are learning the ropes. Most players who will join will know that you may play slow and have questions and need to get used to the game (and the game interface on Jinteki.net). As long as they know, you should have a pretty good experience. Welcome to the game!


Thanks Anthony, I appreciate it. Ya everyone is saying to state I am a new player first game yada yada yada.

Still terrified hahah


As a recently joined new player, I can vouch: this has gone a long way for me. And the Jinteki.net community has been so welcoming. I still suck, but it’s been great fun! Everyone I’ve played with has not only guided me through the sometimes quirky interface, but also given me tips about strategy.