Casual Player Club (

Hello! This thread is for people to form up who:

  • enjoy Casual NR play over competitive
    -enjoy thematic homebrew deckbuilding over netdecking
    -like Playing different decks and trying new things over playing only one deck professionally.
    -aren’t that good at NR but still love the game

I’d like us to post here with our Jinteki handles. Also, if you PM me with your google hangout email address I’ll add you to a Hangouts chat thread with all the others here so people can arrange Jinteki games against each other.

Misfits, unite! LOL


PS: in answer to numerous questions, we have an existing Google Hangouts chat thread so that is the format we will be using to build a pool of players and facilitate easy communication. We’ve got a good group forming.


Love the idea. I’ll gladly play fellow misfits with my misfit decks.

Currently trying to get a Zealous Judge + Mr. Stone flatline to happen. ONE DAY!



That day may be sooner than you thought. LOL. Bring it on! I’ve got a few guys already who like playing like this. We just decided that the more the merrier.


This sounds fun! I’m Critical Brian on, and I think I can use for hanging out. Probably.

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Added you, Brian!

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I’d be happy to join in as well. My Jinteki name is Haway. Not sure if I have a Hangouts account but I can send you my email to try?

Alternatively, is Slack an option?

PM sent

We are now up to about 6-8 players who seem to be playing games several days a week. We are still recruiting. We’d love to expand the ranks to 20 or more casual players.

I’m branimated on jnet. My current decks are Iain Stirling, Awakening Center HB and a few singleton decks that I’m testing for my IRL league.

I’m very good at Netrunner, as you can tell :slight_smile:

PM sent!

You don’t have to be GOOD at all! Heck, I love the game but I’m not that good and that’s why I want to find other likeminded guys who enjoy the game but aren’t ever going to be the regional store champion or whatever. We want people who love the game. That’s the only requirement. (and a google hangouts account! lol)

I like it. I’m fourdownmagic on Jinteki. I just made such a janky deck that when I was done neither the ID nor the title made any sense.

Hi there!
I’m metamatik in all the places that matter, including at gmail dot com for hangouts purposes.
Mostly experimenting with various flavors of Shaper & Jinteki jank at the moment.
On Central European time :slight_smile:

Added both of you! Welcome aboard! The pool is growing nicely!!

Hi, is it still possible to join? I’m CountFunkula on jnet

Hi! It’s never too late to join. PM @Zzzman74 with your email address and he’ll add you to the Hangouts group. I might be able to do it as well.

@HiddenAway thanks! PM sent


Hello all, is this group still active? I’m looking for some new/casual players for games. I’m no pro, but love the game and want to get more time playing!

Hi! Yes, the group is still active. You can PM me or @Zzzman74 with your Google Hangouts address and we can get you in. Alternatively, if you’re on Slack, there’s also the dnn channel.

hi, ‘newobj’ on jnet.