Cerebral cast vs Faust

Has this card’s time come?

Brain damage is bad for Faust decks, and taking the tag = bye bye wyldside.

Worth a couple of card slots in most jinteki decks?

Brain damage is better in a Faust meta, but still not great. Cerebral Cast is a pretty awful way of dealing brain damage consistently and you would probably have to play with scorch.

Tori Hanzo and Markus Batty seem like they may be better ways to land brain damage in Jinteki.
Snare seems to be a much better way of landing tags.

I know everyone if hyper-focused on tag --> flatline, but as a single card, Cerebral Cast can threaten a Brain damage (bad for Faust) or open their resources up to trashing, which will cut off card draw and/or credit economy.

I think the two choices are both quite unpalatable for Faust runners, and offers a very good chance for the corp to set back a very aggressive runner. Bonus points if you run Overwriters as well.

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I love Cerebral Cast but it’s definitely a buildaround card. I don’t think RP should slot it, for example, but it absolutely has a place in PE, IG, murder Biotech, etc. It should supplement your win conditions, not slightly mess with theirs.

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True, but it costs cardslots for a minor effect that doesn’t even do anything approximately 1/3rd of the time, even against the exact deck you’re trying to counter with it.

To me the biggest issue is the card is completely useless against several other runners that aren’t particularly dependent on resources, or are full tag-me. There are a lot of runners who won’t care much about taking a tag.

The corp choosing when to fire the operation should help it land a little more than 1/3 of the time, but it certainly isn’t a guarantee to have any effect.

I’ve noticed a lot less Faust (not little or no Faust, just not >80% Faust) at my last few SC’s, so teching hard against one runner seems less viable to me anyways.

Batty - Trash for Jinteki is good enough to handle Faust / Eater with Keyhole to me, but not enough if the runner plays Clone Chip(s).

I play Brain Cage in my cake : tbh, Caprice is better, if you want to rely on a psi.

I was starting to put Snatch & Grab in my Personal Evolution lists, then decided Cerebral Cast was a strict upgrade on it: almost always less expensive, doesn’t require a money lead, both options are bad for the runner. Losing the psi game is the only downside. I was actually teching against Film Critic but trashing Wyldside obviously makes sense, too.

I don’t think Cast is a bad idea at all, but there are probably better tech choices available to most corp decks. I got wrecked this weekend by someone running Elizabeth Mills out of ETF. The other Jinteki cerebral, Static, may help more against the dominant Faust runners (Whizzard, Noise, MaxX).


IG decks don’t mind if it doesn’t work in all MUs because at the very least it will add 1 to trash costs for a while. It apparently does quite a bit of work in one of the IG builds going around. On the whole, I agree with Chuft though. It’s not a card for every Jinteki deck, by any stretch.

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I think if you put it in a deck with museum of history, it’s worth including. Being able to dangle a brain damage or trash over them pretty much all game has to add up. Brain damage is horrible for Faust, and tags aren’t negligible. If you aren’t running recourse economy, your economy isn’t very stable, or you’re magically able to play around it, or you’re ppvp Kate which doesn’t exist any more