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ChairmanHiro's Data Pack Reviews (Now with RnR)!

As I’ve been told, it’s better if I just put them all in one thread.


Now with RnR!


Some comments.

Insight: Combos with Top Hat. Problem is that while Insight on its own is nice, Top Hat on its own is nearly worthless. Nevertheless I’ll definetly try a deck with this combo.

Mind’s Eye: Works with Black Hat (and eXer and probably some more cards). Sadly the influence cost is too high for Shapers and Sunny would have to forfeit Nexus.

Gatekeeper: Has some synergy with DIvert Power.

Divert Power: Worthy targets are Gatekeeper, Campaigns and cards with 0-1 rez cost.

Game Changer: Here you are of by one agenda. You say it is a bad version of Biotic Labor with one agenda. It doens’t do anything with one agenda. You spend a click a card and 6 credits to gain that same click back. It is only a bad version of Biotic Labor at two agendas. And only starts becoming better at 3+ agendas.

Arella Salvatore: I suspect this card to be much stronger than you give it credit. Only not in NBN IDs (although some NBN decks will play it) but in CI…

Lady Liberty being unique and 1 per deck: It makes sense thematically and might be relevant for cards like Rumor Mill.

Something I was thinking about Ika, can you use it with Flame-out? Install it from your hand onto it, and then use Flame-out credits to pay the host ability cost? I assume that since it’s no longer hosted on Flame-out, it won’t be trashed at the end of the turn.

Yes, you’re correct. You could use the host and pump strength abilities with Flame-out credits. Only the break host ice ability cannot use Flame-out credits. Pretty neat combo.

@ChairmanHiro Any chance of one last review of the Champion/Community cards?

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