'ChamHayleyon' Hayley Chameleon SC 3rd and 5th (No thanks to my corp either)

Chamhayleyon (3rd and 5th at 2 SC)

Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar (Breaker Bay)

Event (5)
3x Diesel (Core Set)
1x Escher (Creation and Control)
1x Scavenge (Creation and Control)

Hardware (11)
2x Astrolabe (Up and Over)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control) ☆☆☆
3x LLDS Processor (True Colors)
3x R&D Interface (Future Proof)

Resource (9)
3x Aesop’s Pawnshop (Core Set)
2x Earthrise Hotel (The Source)
1x Scrubber (A Study in Static)
3x Technical Writer (Data and Destiny)

Icebreaker (5)
1x Atman (Creation and Control)
3x Chameleon (The Underway)
1x Inti (Creation and Control)

Program (15)
3x Cache (The Spaces Between) •••
1x Clot (The Valley)••
3x Harbinger (Data and Destiny) •••
2x Sahasrara (Creation and Control)
3x Scheherazade (Second Thoughts) •••
3x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)
12 influence spent (max 15-3☆=12)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Data and Destiny

I have been playing this deck or a very close approximation of this for the past couple of months. It’s ability to win games has been great for me. I have been to several Store Championships recently in Ireland and I have lost 3 games from the last 12. I have also been playing in the last Stimhack League and had 7 wins 1 lose with Hayley there too. I have been getting carried by this deck as my ability to Corp at the minute seems to be seriously lacking

Cash Money.

Scheherazade , Sahasrara , Aesop’s is just a glorious economy engine.

Scheherazade is Kate McCaffrey in program form. it also helps that the install cost of a large portion of the programs are 0 or 1.

Sahasrara makes the hole deck just flow. With the ability to install a Chameleon for free and make a credit from it and pile money on your Technical Writers is just a thing of beauty. With 2 Sahasrara, 2 Chameleon and a Technical Writer you get to store money for later too.

Aesop’s… it’s Aesop’s, enough said.

Cache, you can install for free with Sahasrara and sell to Aesop’s. It will also trigger Hayleys install trigger mid run with the assistance of a Clone Chip or SMC, so you can get the Chameleon you need installed in a pinch.

Harbinger, now this is not technically a money card but with Aesop’s and Scheherazade it is in this deck. Word of warning that when it is trashed to Aesop’s for 3 credits it comes back into Play face down it essentially wastes Hayleys trigger as a face down card has no type but is installed.

Card Draw.

The card draw I chose was Diesel and Earthrise Hotel. I did have Quality time in an earlier build but the fact that Hayley gets the free install I felt that running less Events was just a better choice. The Diesel is definitely worth in slots. Turn one Diesel, Draw, Install (free install), Install and not have to discard a card is a great way to start the game.


Chameleon is your bread and butter, these will get you in anywhere in the mid to late game for next to no money. They do sometimes not have a real effect in the early game, but with a little meta knowledge and a LLDS Processor or 3 (2 is usually a great number to have) you can get in to where ever you need to go.

Inti is there for Wraparound. on occasion you can use it to get past some larger Barriers but mainly it’s there to deal with Wraparounds as Chameleon needs a little help. Always remember that Inti will get a boost from the LLDS Processor the turn it is installed. This can be vital for getting past an Eli for instance.

Atman I feel is a breaker that Shapers will play in almost all builds. It is versatile and can be used to get you passed the bigger ICE that are over 6 Strength. I will warn you to keep in mind that the first time you install it to keep in mind the LLDS count so that you don’t go over the ICE strength. If you need to Scavenge it later to fix the strength so be it.

The early game with this deck is usually just a large amount of set up. Now that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything else, but you do want to get some basics set up ASAP. Scheherazade, Sahasrara, Aesop’s are all key components to making this a well oiled machine. Do not be afraid to use your first SMC to get a Scheherazade in the corps turn and install a cache etc on it and go from there.

This deck does require you to click for some cards but you can click for 2 cards and install 3 cards every turn.

Depending on the match up you will be expecting slightly different early games. To deal with each of these you will need different tools.

FA you want the ability to make Clot in the Corp turn, SMC, Clone Chip or install another card and Hayley it in from your hand, it all works. NEH FA you will need to get out your Inti and then most likely deal with Archangel, this can be handled with a Strength 6 Chameleon or massive amounts of cash. Archangel can have a very negative effect on your ability to win if they get to remove your rig by bouncing your Scheherazade. If you are expecting this to be the case they do not install the Sahasrara hosted on a Scheherazade.

RP you just need to set up and get your LLDS into play and they pressure R&D with your multi access. Your Chameleons should be naming Sentry and Codegate in a vacuum. Obviously once you know what they have in the Servers you are running you name the appropriate types but Sentry is your go to. You cannot allow your Scheherazade to be trashed with your rig on it. (Side not learn to Psi game, this will make all the difference as the runner, there are articles out there for Psi games and how to be better at it. I suggest you read one if you are not confident in the way of the Psi game)

HB Food coats, this deck loves to play against Food Coats. This is generally a match up that will go long. Once you get an R&D lock going, Keep it going. If you can access multiple cards and you know you will not get in again this turn for what ever reason then do not trash cards unless you have no choice. Caprice and Ash you trash, money cards like Adonis or Eve you can leave. Their money situation generally does not help them when you are breaking in to R&D for minimal money.

SYNC, play smart. there will be times when you need to Clot an Agenda they are trying to score. If you can get in safely to steal said agenda then do it, but if you are expecting a Midseason to be sent your way then money up first with Technical Writer. Take News Teams as a negative agenda, you will be able to recover and steal the points back.

You may notice there are a few cards that are not in the deck.

Plascrete Carapace. I have never felt the need to play this in this Hayley build. you will have 6 or 7 cards in your hand from the mid game due to Chameleon coming back to your Grip after you discard down to your hand size. You will also be able to out money most Corps with all of the insane money you will be making.

D4V1D. There had been a D4V1D in here for a while but the lose of Clot was just not worth it. Atman can deal with the higher strength ICE and the addition of Clot just sures up your FA match up.

Sure Gamble. I have not once missed this card, the curve on this deck is near to flat line. 31 of the 45 cards cost 1 or 0. Every time you install a program you should be making money, and your Technical Writers will net you about 20+ credits each.

Any form of MU besides the Astrolabe. The MU in here can be tight I will give you that but 4 or 5 MU is totally work able. There are very rare occasion when you want to have 6 MU worth of programs installed. Figure out what is surplus to demand and Aesop’s it away.

Levy AR Lab Access. I toyed with this for a long time and it is just not needed in my meta. Now if you are playing against a lot of PE (1000 cuts style). Then you may feel the need to have a Levy and a Same Old Thing in the deck and I would suggest possibly removing the Escher and the Scavenge.

Personal Workshop. It is just too slow. Yes you do get to install a card from the Workshop and get around the Harbinger Trash but for the 3 times that that will happen in the game I don’t feel that it is at all worth it.

Anyway that’s all I can think of at the minute. If you have any thoughts or questions feel free and ask. I will answer what I can

Have you ever played against Sol?

Looks similar to the Cameleon Hayley deck I was running for a while. Though, I suppose most lists probably look 90% similar. Honestly, I can’t see getting rid of D4v1d; it’s too clutch. I just run 2 Clone Chips, no Scrubber, 2 Harbinger and 2 Scheherazade. Don’t really mind having no Scrubber, as I usually have money to trash things the usual way, 2 Clone Chips is fine, since they’re really just there as a safety net and Clot support, Scheherazade is unique, so extra copies make me sad (plus you can just SMC for one early if you really need it; it’s usually worth it), and Harbinger is fine with just 2 copies. It’s well worth it to be able to get through large ICE early game, or STR 7+ ice.

Sahasrara I used to run, and it’s probably still pretty good. I can’t remember why, but I took it out for a Levy and a third Earthrise, since I decided that card was amazing (and you can pawn it to Aesop’s once you get your second draw if you want; 4 cards for 1 credit is a fine trade).

I stopped playing the deck because I think Hyper Kate is just better right now, but it’s still a fun deck. Glad it worked out for you =)

What do you mean? Are you referring to targeted marketing? It happens, they have money and you can still get in for R&D digs. Ash is a problem when they have infinite cash but it is possible to play around.

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I have been looking at peoples Hayley builds on here for a while and they vary a lot from the traditional style breakers and reasonably fair econ engine, to the stealth rig which I feel just requires to many moving parts that you can’t tutor for, or similar builds to yours that use Workshop.

D4V1D is really nice but it just doesn’t do enough for me in my meta here in Ireland, there is minimal Weyland being played and not enough ICE that is over strength 5 to really worry about. If it can’t be modified like Ice Wall then Atman will deal with it in the end.

I can definitely see a call in removing the Scrubber but when you see it against wide decks, the value you can make is totally worth it.

I feel the hit in Influence from Clone Chip is totally worth it. You can run first click with no Breakers installed and still get in with Clone Chip in play and the use of Hayley will get you there in the end. I use them less as a safety net and more for aggressive plays. Being able to run a remote, make a Barrier and Sentry Chameleon and still click through Turing is really nice. They will not expect it (well they may now after reading this).

Scheherazade is unique but it is also the corner stone of the economy engine. every time you install a program you make money, in the same way people play Pro Co, this will just give you so many more options late in the game. SMC’ing it out is some times needed but if you can save an SMC for something else then all the better.

Earthrise Hotel is amazing you are totally correct but 3 is possibly one too many. It has a similar issue to Scheherazade in that it is unique, but it does go away, so it’s got that for it.

If Weyland is an issue in the future I will most definitely look to make a couple of changes to bring in a D4V1D and probably a second Scavenge but I will have to put some thought into that when the time comes. There is still Escher to deal with any problem ICE and make it a lot more viable to run servers. All of the positional ICE (Turing, Gutenburg etc) and then what ever is a big problem can just be moved out of the way and you can hammer R&D or their scoring remote. Once you have fired an Escher you can probably just put the problem ICE in front of HQ as you don’t really need to worry about that server any more.

What do you mean by Hyper Kate btw? is it Hyper Driver, Keyhole, DDoS style deck?

How do your turns usually look like? Do you do a lot of drawing? Perhaps ProCo is useful?

I tend to draw 2 or Diesel then draw 1 more turn one and then install 3. If running is needed I will run but usually you can get away with setting up in the early game unless the Corp wants to chance something.

I do tend to do a fair bit of drawing but with Diesels and Earthrise Hotel you are already 21 cards and SMC thining out a few more cards and Astrolabe drawing some cards (depending on the match up of course). I have never felt card draw was the problem.

It keeps winning most matchups and has no issue with cash so ProCo just seems like it would be a waste. There is also a really large investment playing ProCo. The average cost of cards is under 2.

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I think this is a strong deck, but winning 9 out of 12 is probably not a good indication that the deck is doing well. Seems like people who are winning SCs are having to win 90% of their runner games, at least, cos corp is just overall so bad.

You are totally correct about Corps, they are most definitely the weaker side. I would love to see proper stats about win percentages of runners and Corp. I would be willing to say corps are behind. The only reason I had any real number of wins recently was because of Hayley as NEH FA and HB Food Coats was just not cutting it for me.