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Champ Cards/NAPD Mulit-Player Cards


Does someone have “scans” (or high res versions) of the Championship Cards?


I second that question. I am trying to find some hoping to make a print to pass around before our nationals next weekend.


I was about to print some proxies of the champ cards for my local group using a digital printing system. But then I realised that its decks always leave a white bleed.:expressionless:

Is there any affordable option to print the cards in cardstock that leaves at least something similar to the digital printed promo cards?


He has done a good job describing it, hope it helps.


Even though the champ cards have been provided for printing by FFG, does anyone know if card printers like MakePlayingCards will object to the FFG/WotC copyright line at the bottom?


Could you give me a link to the champ cards?