Champ Cards/NAPD Mulit-Player Cards

Hey everyone,

I was hoping and crossing my toes that the FFG website would have some option to buy the set of Champion developed cards and the NAPD mulitplayer cards. And, well, to no one’s surprise, those options weren’t available.

For anyone who was at Worlds, was there any word from an FFG employee/lackeyabout how other folks could pick these cards?

Perhaps Boggs can do us a solid one more time :slight_smile:

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Nothing heard but i think they will be available for download and you can print them by yourself.


At the start of either Day 1A or Day 2 (can’t remember), the MC announced that the champion and NAPD cards would be made available at no cost online, but didn’t provide details. I would assume it would be high-res downloads under a non-restrictive copyright, but I guess it depends on how they hashed out end-of-license details with WoTC/Talsorian/CD Projekt Red/Asmodee whoever else is involved in this mess

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I heard the same. It’s FFG, so it might take a while, but hopefully they’ll get on it.

Given FFG’s history expect a 1.74 GB pdf download to become available on October 21, at 11:50 pm. :frowning:


Does anyone know how the NAPD games played? Its a cool concept, and i guess it would have been our big box after the Chilo cycle that became reign and revere.

The Corp can only win fast and early otherwise they just fold. The corp decks should be specially build for this occasion while the runner decks don’t otherwise I assumethe games are just over to fast.

They were fun, but yeah, the games go pretty fast. The Corp basically starts out in their mid-game, so it feels like a huge race right from the start. If the runners get their legs under them, though, it can become very hard as the Corp. Having 3 runner turns in a row can sometimes lead to a snowball effect that seems like it might be hard to overcome.

That being said, the FFG dude I played against said they had almost no testing time for the corp decks that they did make, so they were kinda bad. Also, despite all this, it was a super fun time. I really recommend it to all interested parties.

I’ve been designing a few NAPD decks for casual testing this week. Building them is definitely a headtrip, since many format economy staples just aren’t that impressive when you have an active Government Takeover. But I have some unique ideas.

I will say I was impressed with Shipment from Tennin the times I saw Donut using it. Any card that triggers off a condition failing to happen plays nicely with the active-player rule, and cards that gain counters are good since you can dump all of the damage on one player. The card I’m most eager to test is Free Lunch. ^^

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Yeah, but that said, it was pretty easy to coordinate ahead of time to avoid the Shipments. If the active player is on me, and the player next to me won’t be active player until the Corp has their turn again, then they just have to remember to run. I kind of think it might be fun to play around with randomizing who is active player on any given turn.

Good idea. If I’m understanding the rules as written, you’d never be able to fire a Punitive or anything that references the Runner’s last turn

I just read the rules to the NAPD multiplayer game. It sounds interesting.

The rules don’t specify what the double-sided NAPD identities do (Cyber Bureau: Keeping the Peace / Detective’s Bureau: Upholding the Law). Could someone please summaries their abilities?

Actually, rereading Punitive’s wording with multi in mind I see that it can still punish any runner, as long as they become infamous after a turn on which they stole. Randomizing the infamy would definitely make this harder for the runners to play around

They were too busy with posting updates about Magnum Opus on Twitter. :expressionless:

Here’s some scans!


kind of dumb question:

are those both sides of the same ID card or 2 different IDs. Thanks!

It’s the same card. You use one for the setup the other one during the game.

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It seems like with effects like punitive, it would be better if they could be parsed as ‘if a runner…’. Hard to fix though.

Otherwise you can just avoid effects that are triggered by runner actions (including HHN, SEA etc) by not running if you’ll be activeduring the corps turn.

…which brings us back to Shipment From Tennin

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If you are interested, I am getting a larger number of playsets printed for my meta