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[Chaos Theory] The Forgotten Shaper Child

[quote=“mediohxcore, post:13, topic:3801”]
The advantage of Opus is that it doesn’t take up many card slots, so most of the rest of your deck is pure business.[/quote]This is a very important point. 30/40 cards in my deck are not econ, but cards that help me score (and I’m thinking about cutting the 3rd Workshop as it’s not as important as Opus). Most runner decks have well over 30% share of econ cards.

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I totally agree with a lot of the above points on code siphon, no console, and account siphon. I have been quietly testing a siphon tag-me shaper deck quite extensively, and I’ve definitely found it is best in chaos theory than anyone else. Due to butchershop decks I’ve found it to be risky to play, but it comes out of the gate kicking you in the teeth, and stays on you all day.

The advantage is no console, with All The Shaper Draw, you find what you need to keep hammering.

Chaos Theory Wünderkind

15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Breaker Bay
Event Event (25)

2x Account Siphon ••••• •••
2x Code Siphon
3x Diesel
2x Indexing
2x Levy AR Lab Access
3x Modded
2x Quality Time
3x Scavenge
3x Sure Gamble
3x Test Run
Hardware Hardware (6)

3x Plascrete Carapace
3x R&D Interface
Icebreaker Icebreaker (7)

2x Cerberus “Cuj.0” H3 ••••• •
2x Cerberus “Lady” H1
1x Femme Fatale •
2x Study Guide
Program Program (2)

2x Magnum Opus

This deck simply did not work better out of kate, would not be better out of anyone else, and is actually quite surprising in how fast it gets online, and how hard it hit. I based it out of dog-deck joke decks, thus cuj0, but when all you’re doing is siphon locking, boostable sentry breakers are pretty great.

There’s lots of decks where they’re combo-y like this that 40 cards is quite nice to have, but as noted above, I’m not sure it makes a world of difference.

I frequently revisit chaos theory when I want to just test a few cards and how they work together.

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There’s no way that’s right. 1 Torch, 1 Gordian / Cycy / Zu


I’m not married to it, I was just testing it since it came out, I just threw the latest list out there.

cycy is worse w/o cc and smc, I used to have blade but SG hits off code siphon quite well (so does gordian though)

edit: also, you notice that over Cuj0? Clown.


You have almost zero support for Mimic (Femme, but no Parasite, Deus X, Sharpshooter, Datasucker, Atman…). Your other options are Pipeline (ew), Creeper (ew), Garrote (not an option without a console), or Ninja (probably the best other option). Cuj.0 is a totally reasonable choice (which doesn’t change the fact that it sucks compared to Mimic and it’s going to hurt the deck).


My CT build is good not great. It’s very solid vs. RP, but against Rush decks or NEH FA that just hard pushes agendas, it’s horrible. It’s too slow and the Beckman’s are useless. I agree with what Dan said on the Opus economy, it used to be my favorite card because it took the place of so many deck slots to get all the credits you’d need for the game. But as cards come out, 1 click/2 credits becomes less and less relevant, now you are becoming too slow to win. I had hoped the extra click would be the answer, but the total turn lost to do it doesn’t balance. Even an RP deck can rush an agenda, and that agenda will likely cost you the game. Tier 2, sadly.


Running clot, plascrete and Utopia Shard definitely seems to close the gap on NEH using CT with a stimshop build. I agree it’s still not the best matchup though, especially if you were tech’d for RP.

I’ve tried to make Beckman work so many different ways but you are right, it’s just not worth the tempo hit in the end. Especially since Opus already burns a turn or more to get out.

As far as tier 1 status goes, I’m not qualified to judge. But as long as it continues to make top finishes in major tournaments I think it’s tough to argue that it doesn’t have its place. Especially since only a small % of runners use CT.

If you look at a lot of the CT decks that are getting top finishes though and Selverin’s in particular, they are very focused. Understanding that you don’t have the economy to do a lot of different things but rather a few things very well I think is the key. Routinely getting 4-5 card accesses on R&D runs is definitely one of it’s strengths.

One stat of interest though, against a 49 card NEH deck with 11 agendas, you will need to random access 18 cards just to have a 62% chance of getting 4 agendas. This doesn’t account for 2 of them being 1 pointers either. It’s a bit sobering from an R&D lock perspective but a good reason why you’ll see decks with 3x RDI and 3x TME.

On opus, since its so tied to CT, it is cumbersome to use, as mid to late game you’re essentially doing take a turn of RnD, then run for 3-5 RnD accesses, then again back to money, accessing every card before the corp draws. Theres lots of reasons why this just doesn’t work any more (DBS, fast track, shuffle effects, etc). The other issue is by comparison other decks move boardstate while getting cash (ppvp kate, wyldside noise, etc). When you’re clicking just for money, its easy to compress you. I experienced Dirty Hands Exile getting squeezed out of effectiveness as it was my primary shaper build for a long while. Even with Beckman in the deck, I was always crunched for time.

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Ct’s still good at the 3x corroder; 3x faerie play. 3x clone chip, 3x sac construct game; You play without a console, so you’re never drawing mu you don’t need. Everything else is economy and events to help you get in. I think its arguable a corroder could be a clot and you could go in for lady’s these days; but the deck is my touchstone when anything I’m building isn’t fast enough. Obviously the 9x fairie play is risky, but a lot of people don’t see it coming. You can stabilize by doing 1x mimic and 2x faerie instead, and take in clot #2.

Something like this. Its a good base and often leads different directions every time the meta shifts, but I’m never sad coming back to it. Typically find room for a 4str atman and go from there…

Agro CT

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Event (12)

Hardware (6)

Resource (8)

Icebreaker (9)

Program (5)

15 influence spent (max 15)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to The Valley

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Side Note, expose is uncommonly good in this deck…


I agree with faerie recursion CT being pretty good, but I always believed multiaccess and big hits were the way. I did PPVP faerie rush back in december of 2013 right when PPVP came out and found it to be very awesome, but criminal was just better then. I’d be curious how well something similar would work now.

Yeah, it’s good as a sniping deck especially. Which is why expose was always in it. I took a deck loosely based on it with voicepad to worlds before lady came out and did alright. Dropped the corroder for snowball so I could have lucky finds; not sure to this day if that was the right choice. Also took in legworks. I was down to 1 faerie; I just like to go back to that list when I get lost in the woods.

Coming from the land of world’s best Chaos Theories (@hsiale, @Selverin) I believe most of you guys hugely underestimate the power of CT Stimshop, especially once the somewhat unfavorable NEH machup is less of a threat. It’s very simple and thus extremely consistent. I’ll agree that PPVP Kate can be slightly stronger with a good opening, but is much more vulnerable to a bad one. The super-consistent CT might be less flashy, but she offers enough for a good player to still win. Facing a good Stimshop player who just takes 8 a few turns in a row and waits for you to advance something or just multiaccesses the shit out of your centrals once he is tired of waiting can be a real nightmare. Scoring behind Caprice is one of the only reasonable game plans for the corp and still requires some luck on both caprice and accesses on centrals.


I’ve played CT enough recently, with good enough results, that some local players have started slotting Lizzy Mills.


Rock’n the blackmail? Or just the shop? Cuz if its just the shop, it’d be hysterical to put a blackmail or two in just cuz.

Ya, as soon as they rez Lizzy you have to dump everything you can afford off the shop. Pretty much shuts it down a that point until she fires or you trash her.

just the shop, though admittedly one of the players in question was upset that it avoided his gagarin/crackdown/reversed accounts nonsense.

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After regionals I’m bringing back chaos theory blackmail. Fyall


I played this at a GNK, won the event, never played in that town again.


Yeah, you are right. You are not brave enough to take it to a regionals. :wink:

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This is a 100% true statement. If I win one then I’ll take it to another because I will give literally no fucks other than trying to win with a shitdeck.