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Chronos Protocol and Cortex Lock

Hello all,

Quick rules question. So my other half has ended up playing Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping at Gaming vs Cancer (random ID tournament in the UK) for the 2nd year in a row. A scenario that has only just turned up after playing CP for a year is what happens if the Runner hits a Cortex Lock with 0 free MU and lets the sub fire. Cortex Lock does 0 damage but does that mean the Runner is still suffering 0 damage and does the Corp gets to see the Runners grip but selects no cards.

We assume the Corp does not see the Grip but we wanted to check just in case.


Appoligies if this has been asked before. I check the UFAQ and new Rules Document but i’m still not 100% sure

I would say, as zero is a number, the Corp gets to look at the grip and then apply zero damage.

See you on the weekend at GvC :slight_smile: I’ll be rocking the bottom tables with Asa & Eddie :slight_smile:

I do not believe the ID is triggered from 0 damage. For example, if all damage was prevented by Feedback Filter, I would expect it not to fire.

Yeah I mean IANARL but 0 net damage is not exactly what I’d call “the first net damage the Runner suffers”

I’m afraid the game might be incosistent on this point regarding whether 0 is included or not. I know that, for example, you could not pay 0 credits after hitting RSVP.

In this particular example I’m certain that 0 damage is identical to no damage and so it wouldn’t trigger. However, what would happen if you had an ability that dealt “1 extra point of damage”?

Chances are the game is inconsistent when it comes to this, I would await for official clarification.

If you check out rule 10.9.2a under the heading “For Each”, you will see that the Corp does not get to see the grip because the Cortex Lock does not resolve.

When the resolution of an ability involves an effect repeated “for each” of some quantity, the full effect of the ability is first calculated, and then the ability resolves. A “for each” effect does not affect each specified item one at a time, but instead applies a single resolution of the ability as described. If the ability would resolve on an empty set or a value of 0, then nothing is counted and thus the effect does not resolve.


@jakodrako Brilliant thank you for the clarification (and reference). I’ll be honest I didn’t think of looking under “For Each” section, to focused on the damage rules.

@Lunchmoney Cool see you Saturday, I’ve got Outfit and Nero

Thank you everyone else for you helpful input.