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Clash royale?

Anyone play? It is pretty fun (definitely better than that horrible game that preceded it), as far as card-based ios games go (still not Netrunner fun, but only Lotr and Battlelore are funner than Netrunner ;))

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Overall I’ve heard respectable things about Clash, but it didn’t get my interest in time.

World of Tanks Generals was the heir to my mobile card game throne after Hearthstone refused to load on my iPad. Wonderful game, as far as I am concerned. The grind feels pretty small compared to Hearthstone, which is a definite plus, but it doesn’t have the card variety. I play WoT already, so Generals was a fun extension of that genre for me.

Yes. The game is excellent but the business model is super goofy.

I honestly don’t understand why anyone would spend money on it, but whatever I guess. Great game at a price of $0 so I can’t complain really.

This basic tactics video should give you an idea of what the game is about:

I played it briefly to see what it was, but it was too repetitive to hold my interest and I don’t want to support free to play business models.


I never spend money on free2play games.

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