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Clot (now 2 inf)

Clot Anarch - 2 Inf Program - Virus Cost 2, Mem 1 The corp cannot score agendas on the same turn they are installed. Trash this program if the Corp purges virus counters.

Spoiler from Snow-jax apparently due next data pack.

Would be interested on everyone’s thoughts on how this is going to effect the meta. Had anyone proxied it yet?

Some thoughts to start;

  • seems to at it a best when installing mid score so best with and, clone chip
  • Will you stop playing fa once this is released. Will we get a push/pull meta as with Yog/Lotus?
  • As a crim player I can’t see my self splashing for this. Kate may run 1, will Anarch outside of noise bother?
  • Is stealth Andy gonna be the deck to beat as its big downside, set-up speed will be mitigated if the corp meta slows down.
  • Noise with his clone chips seems pretty hot as well.
  • One of the few reasons I don’t play kate is I feel Andy is a better neh match up. Will one clot tip kate over the edge.

Noise anti-advance with clot and chakana will be interesting, at first thought.

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I don’t expect to see Fast Advance disappear or even become bad. The inherent advantages of it as a strategy are just too great. But Cloat will make FA decks will have to actually think about the large parts of the game they can currently largely ignore - especially bluffing to draw out the runner’s strategies. I think that’s a good thing.

There are three ways to approach clot from a corp point of view. Cyberdex Virus Suite, which also goes a way to nerfing datasucker, advancable cards to bait the Clot (probably too much investment) or better ICE to slap down if Clot comes out.

On the runner side, I agree, I don’t we’ll see much clot in Criminal - without Clone Chip and/or SMC I think it loses a lot of utility. As a one-of in Shaper and in MaxX is where I think it will be most damanging. It also might push Noise up the tiers if they can pull it quickly.


If Clot is printed as currently spoiled, I will still try fast advance but I’m not sure how competitive it’ll be.

I agree that crims are unlikely to bother splashing it - without the insta tutoring of SMCs and clone chips, it doesn’t do that much. Noise can easily play one and have it as a pwnshop target if nothing else, and other anarchs often have the tutoring/recursion needed to make it effective. I think most shapers decks will want to play it, at least initially.

I don’t know how viable fast advance will be against a shaper deck able to tutor up and recur clot many times. There are ways round it, like Virus Suite and bluffing with advancable cards, but whether they make the deck too clunky or not remains to be seen. Definitely the big strengths of NEH, the speed and consistency will take a knock, which is a good thing.

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Also, one thing I’m currently testing out is 3x Power shutdown in NEH. Which seems weird, but the ability to take out SMCs for free and clone chips cheaply could help in a post-clot meta. It’s also useful against decks that don’t have clot.


Good points if neh remains the thing kate just got a whole lot better.

Just to confirm, the timing structures are such that you have to instant install the Clot BEFORE they advance it for the 3rd time, right?

So with San-San, perfect corp play:

  1. Install agenda in server with SanSan
  2. Advance agenda
  3. Advance agenda
    3.1. Rez san-san
    3.2 Score agenda

You have to install Clot BEFORE step 3.

With Biotic perfect corp play:

  1. Install agenda
  2. Advance agenda
  3. Biotic Labor
  4. Advance agenda
  5. Advance agenda
    5.1 score

You have to install cloth BEFORE step 5.

There is no window between corp putting a last advancement token needed and them scoring it before runner gets “priority”, right?


I believe that’s correct. I also think that if you have an astro token available, it’s possible to put another agenda on the field, use Shipment from SanSan and put the astro advancement on and score the agenda, without the runner getting to react at all if they don’t react immediately to the card going on the table. Which could reduce the need for having advancable cards to bluff with.


I think even simply installing Clot in runner’s turn may be good - it gives one more turn, as corp must spend turn purging.

I think criminal will have to find a way to use Traffic Jam
Traffic Jam
Neutral - 0 inf
Event - Current - 2 Cost

The advancement requirement of all agendas is increased by the amount of agendas in the Corp’s scoring area that has the same name.

Its obviously worse than Clot against FA, and it can be more easily played around, but it does have uses against glacier too


Dont think this will be worth playing, does nothing to stop the first Astro. May be slightly better against decks with 6 5/3 but still seems bad.

This is correct. I have been playing a Hive / Chakana deck for a bit and SMCing / Clone Chip’ing chakana has the same timing structure basically.

It is important to note that using an Astro token is a paid ability, so if they have a scored astro, you need to act a full step quicker.

In your first scenario (SanSan) you must clot / chakana BEFORE the first advancement counter (step 2). This is tough as the corp can basically force you to burn everything for what might be a pad campaign.

In the second scenario (Biotic) it is much easier. Just bring out clot after the biotic. There’s not much mind games here since, well, what else were they planning to do with an extra click? :stuck_out_tongue: I can see it now, install snare, biotic, clot comes out “oh shucks, I forgot you had clot, guess I’ll purge with my last three clicks”. Runner dies to snare gg lol.


Well said. When Clot hits I expect even more NEH switch to ToL that forces Clot before you play any fa-cards as well as include more Shipment from SanSan.

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I’m not sure what it’s going to do against NEH FA, but it outright kills a lot of other score-from-hand decks (HM ToL, HBFA, CI combo etc).

At first I was a fan of Clot but not so much anymore. I feel Clot will have a big impact even if Criminals won’t play it. 1 copy in Shaper decks is obvious. Also Noise and Maxx plays already 2-3 Clone Chips so midturn Clot will happen.

I think NEH astrobitics will still be a very good deck. They can start playing Cyberdex which might work and needs more testing. But I think the deck will work mainly because of raw power of Astro, Sweeps and other NBN power cards. Also NEH astrobiotics should score from remotes in almost every game. NEH have an option to go more horizontal with NEARPAD style decks. I feel NBN will manage clot and adapt but it still will affect quite much.

However, it is important to think how tier 1,5 - 2 FA decks will manage Clot. Naturally Clot will make astrobiotics less powerful but does it kill other decks as collaterial damage? I predict Clot being too big hurdle for Tennin, HBFA, CI, TitanTrain etc. That is the main reason I fear Clot might make the meta game more narrow because it punishes the “balanced” FA decks. I think almost everyone is bored with NEH astrobiotics dominance and I am looking foward for the potential new decks. But restricting Biotic+Astro might have been better answer to make NBN decks more diverse.


Id rather see more NEH specific hate cards

And the raw power of an amazing ability and superfluous influence…?
TWIY/NBNMN have astro and sweeps and aren’t nearly 68% win.

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I don’t think it’ll be printed as such. It creates an extremely unfair choice for the corp to make when there’s just a SMC in play. Do I use my fast advance trick, play my agenda, advance afterwards to risk going 1 cards, 7 creds, 2 clicks, and 2 points down based on information I can’t yet have (what’s my opponents deck)? It’s not terribly satisfying to pull off for the runner (lol i play SMC), very upsetting to a corp. All in all, in the gameplay it would create, it would be bad design. And so far, FFG does not have a history of that here. We are complaining about 2 influence as a major issue, just to prove that statement.

Print it with a wording that it has to be in play at the start of the corps turn and you still have a major hate card for NBN. They have to spend their precious tempo won clicks purging, to get to play their astrotrain to victory. NEH can be quick, but can it really afford losing a couple of entire turns? Either way, with such a ruling or wording of the card, you’d get rid of the negatives in one clean sweep, but be left with a practical card that some corps have to deal with to win the game.

So I can’t imagine FFG printing the spoiled card with that wording if the card that would create more interesting gameplay is just a couple words away.

Essentailly the same risk every glacier deck takes when they go IAA? That’s exactly what I like about it. It makes fast advance risky and have to think about stuff like game state.


I think IAA is a bit different and much more interactive situation. When glacier plays IAA there will be many risk&benefit calculations in Corp players head. You have to calculate how much money the runner has then you have weight the risk runner having surprise cards like stimhack, inside job etc. This situation is even more complicated when runner has only SMC + Clone Chip in table. Then Corp has to ponder what kind of breakers Runner might have to play also. These kind of situation really rewards skill.

SMC + Clot is the opposite I feel. It is all or nothing gamble for a single card. Biotic + install advance, advance and runner gets Clot with SMC, gg not much skill and interaction in that situation. I think this play won’t even ever happen because corp shouldn’t ever try to score an biotic+agenda when runner has SMC in table because guessing wrong has a way too huge downside and Clot hitting table is very likely.

EDIT: There is also a chance that FA was trying to bluff and played a trap which can make Clot counter plays for Corp more interactive. But I can’t see ambush FA decks being ever competitive. FA deck would need FA tools, traps and cards to leverage when runner hits the trap which all will cost influence also.

Sure, let’s make a runner card weaker instead of making the predominant corp archetype use some deckslots (Cyberdex) to make sure they can still FA to heir hearts content. That is going to be such a blow to NEH!

Here’s the thing: If you play Killteki or Weyland with meat damage, you already face the very same problem against Anarch. Sure, you can try to kill them, but if they have IHW, you wasted a combo. I don’t see anyone complaining about that, and I’d argue that neither deck is as strong as NEH FA.