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Code Siphon Tactics

I can’t tell if you’re asking if a medium in play or a medium tutored up with siphon get counters.

  • If medium is in play: the runner gets to 4.4, the run on R&D is successful. Medium and Code Siphon both trigger, meaning that you add a counter and you can replace step 4.5 with Code Siphon’s effect.

  • If medium is not in play: If the runner gets to 4.4, the run on R&D is successful. Code siphon triggers, allowing you to replace step 4.5 with its effect. After you pull out Medium, the trigger that adds a counter is in the past.


Yea, sorry it was a bit confusing question. I meant getting the Medium with the siphon. I would agree Peekay and Medium not getting a counter.

Hey, I’m pretty certain I deserve a counter after a successful run!

This card is all about Kit. Turn one Sure Gamble --> Cyber Cipher --> Code Siphon Magnum Opus. What the heck is the corp gonna do now?

SMC is a good card. If R&D is undefended Code Siphon is SMC #4, 5, and 6. If there is unrezzed ice or ice you can break for less than 3, then it also gives you a discount. And taking a tag is better than using SMC for your 2c + click because you can wait to remove it till you need to, or never, and you don’t have to have 2 free MU to tutor a 1 MU program.

The threat of this card will also make it hard for corps to rez ice over a remote or HQ against shaper. If you can’t pay to rez the R&D ice this Code Siphon reads, “Search your stack for a Modded and a Magnum Opus, add them to your grip, then gain a click”. That is bonkers.


I agree kit seems like the best ID for this card, but your example involves three cards, and the corp icing RnD with something that is close to free to break. A Wraparound or an Eli and suddenly your Code Siphon is not that great.

I just don’t think the strength of this card justifies the inconsistency. Generally when a card requires you to mention two or three other cards to play it with it should be extremely powerful. This card has a hard time hitting parity with SMC.

Now maybe you do something like Kit + DLR and try to use the tag to your advantage. Could that even be good? Or maybe you play it in an Exile chess deck with Rooks to make rezzing RnD ice expensive. Seems janky in a faction flush with great tutors.

I’d say this card is mostly comparable to Retrieval Run in anarch. Not completely terrible, but not going to see a ton of play.