Collecting For Two

My wife and I have just started playing. We own two starter sets and one copy of Creation and Control. I just picked up one copy each of What Lies Ahead and Opening Moves. If we are collecting for two should we pick up two copies of the data packs or would one do if we are customizing our decks? We plan to just play casually with each other (read she will crush me and talk trash while doing it).

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Like you I collect the game with my wife and in the early days we brought a few duplicates of data packs etc. But after a while we found that our deck interested are quite often different. I play a lot of Wayland and she won’t go near them for instance. So the only time we found we both wanted to sleeve the same card was when it came to common cards wanted in every deck, your hedge funds etc. For such common cards I’ve found that making proxies can be just as good, bit more affordable to make a proxy of 1 card then buying an entire pack. Another option if you can find them is the world decks, they have a higher volume of common cards in a single pack.

I hope you both carry on enjoying the game together. We’ve really enjoyed playing over the last 5 or so years, I’m not sure if your buying packs blind or with the knowledge of what’s in them but we’ve always enjoyed opening a new pack and each of us taking a turn saying “I want to try this card” (it was nice to get this again with Nisei’s new pack).

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Nah, get only one of everything.
You’re only playing with one corp deck and one runner deck at a time; you can exchange the overlapping staple cards in between. (Or get some of the World Championship decks if you can find them; they usually contain the most important staple cards. Not the 2015 runner, though, that has weird cards.)

My husband and I have a joint collection with one of every product and we’ve never wanted a second copy of anything.

Welcome to the game! One of us! One of us!

Thanks, very much appreciate everyone’s feedback.