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Collective - v0.5

Collective One (55 cards) DECKLIST

First attempt at Collective. I used the current gold-standard Katemansucker build as a base and made changes.

1-of Armitage: Kinda like the oil to smooth things out. Cheap to install if that’s the 3rd install you need, also provides a click-action to use if needed. (a lone Armitage guarantees a proc of The Collective’s passive just by going Install-Clickx3)

1-of Personal Workshop: Same as above, pretty much. PW isn’t core to this deck, so I want to avoid drawing multiple copies. If it comes out, cool, otherwise it’s fine too.

1-of Gorman Drip: Just trying this out, really. Could easily be swapped out for Stimhack, especially if memory is a problem.

3-of Diesel, Modded: Digs for Pro Contacts/whatever, works well with Modded to trim excess for less inefficient discarding. 0-cost makes them easy to play as Events chained to other Events.

3-of All-Nighter: Acts as an Install if needed, a click-action when you need it. Also works great with Notoriety. Essentially -1 Card,+1 Click this turn, +1 Click on another turn. The -1 Card cost is offset by 3x Diesel and Pro Contacts.

3-of Notoriety: Just trying this out, really. Would seem to work with All-Nighter + extra clicks granted.

1-of Indexing: Thinking of taking this out, actually. Perhaps a useful silver bullet against Jinteki.

Akamatsu Mem Chip / The Toolbox : Memory, replacing Desperado (not even close…).

I’m very excited to test this out, will report back with findings!


I think the best way to replace Desperado’s MU is Djinn - use first SMC or Test Run to get it, next turn tutor for Datasucker 3 times to trigger your ID’s ability, you have the Datasucker part of your rig set up in to time and it takes up just 1 MU. And then you may tutor for Crypsis, Chakana or Deep Thought if you any some of those (and usually you’d have at least Crypsis) in the deck and need them.

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This is a pretty pointless excercise