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Collective - v0.5


Collective One (55 cards) DECKLIST

First attempt at Collective. I used the current gold-standard Katemansucker build as a base and made changes.

1-of Armitage: Kinda like the oil to smooth things out. Cheap to install if that’s the 3rd install you need, also provides a click-action to use if needed. (a lone Armitage guarantees a proc of The Collective’s passive just by going Install-Clickx3)

1-of Personal Workshop: Same as above, pretty much. PW isn’t core to this deck, so I want to avoid drawing multiple copies. If it comes out, cool, otherwise it’s fine too.

1-of Gorman Drip: Just trying this out, really. Could easily be swapped out for Stimhack, especially if memory is a problem.

3-of Diesel, Modded: Digs for Pro Contacts/whatever, works well with Modded to trim excess for less inefficient discarding. 0-cost makes them easy to play as Events chained to other Events.

3-of All-Nighter: Acts as an Install if needed, a click-action when you need it. Also works great with Notoriety. Essentially -1 Card,+1 Click this turn, +1 Click on another turn. The -1 Card cost is offset by 3x Diesel and Pro Contacts.

3-of Notoriety: Just trying this out, really. Would seem to work with All-Nighter + extra clicks granted.

1-of Indexing: Thinking of taking this out, actually. Perhaps a useful silver bullet against Jinteki.

Akamatsu Mem Chip / The Toolbox : Memory, replacing Desperado (not even close…).

I’m very excited to test this out, will report back with findings!


I think the best way to replace Desperado’s MU is Djinn - use first SMC or Test Run to get it, next turn tutor for Datasucker 3 times to trigger your ID’s ability, you have the Datasucker part of your rig set up in to time and it takes up just 1 MU. And then you may tutor for Crypsis, Chakana or Deep Thought if you any some of those (and usually you’d have at least Crypsis) in the deck and need them.


This is a pretty pointless excercise