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Colorado Regional - 9 May 2015: Live(-ish) Updates!

We’ve been underway since about 10:30am with 39 players, currently midway through the third round of Swiss. Spotty internet, so no live streams, but I’ll try to provide frequent updates. :slight_smile:

Faction Distribution:

Corp Identity Breakdown:
7 - Engineering the Future
6 - Replicating Perfection
5 - Making News
4 - Blue Sun
4 - Near-Earth Hub
2 - NEXT Design
2 - Personal Evolution
1 - Argus Security
1 - Because We Built It
1 - Building a Better World
1 - Cerebral Imaging
1 - Custom Biotics
1 - Jinteki Biotech
1 - Stronger Together
1 - Tennin Institute
1 - Titan Transnational

Runner Identity Breakdown:
12 - Kate
5 - Chaos
4 - Andy
4 - Valencia
2 - Hayley
2 - Kim
2 - Noise
2 - Quetzal
2 - Silhouette
1 - Iain
1 - Kit
1 - Leela
1 - Reina


I’m always surprised by how low (actually none in this one) Maxx turnout is in all these US Regionals…I thought she is popular


The complete absence of MaxX surprised me as well.

Here’s the standings at the halfway point.

The two undefeated players remaining are piloting BABW/Noise and NEH/Kate. We’ve got a Cerebral Imaging deck at 3-0 sitting in the top ten as well.

It could be because shaper is popular and Maxx is on the “blacklist

I will say that Blacklist is everywhere here.

BABW?! 10 chars


Those pie charts just break my mind.

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Final round of Swiss is underway. Looks like the cut will be 16 prestige. Final standings will be posted after this round, along with the Top 8 breakdown (to include identities).

Y’all ready for this? There is… no Jinteki in the cut.

  1. Nick Hansen (NEH/Andy)
  2. Jon Dalesandry (NEH/Kate)
  3. Jordan Hightower (Blue Sun/Val)
  4. Jordan Peters (ETF/Kate)
  5. Ryan Burke (BABW/Noise)
  6. Josh Imobersteg (Blue Sun/Kate)
  7. Sam Cahill (NEH/Chaos)
  8. Tobin Lopes (MN/Quetzal)


The question on everyone’s lips… are those top 8 NEH Fastros, or some hybrid like Butcher Shop? Because with no Jinteki in the top 8 I can totally see something equally ridiculous like that.

There were 4 NEH decks in the tournament, the three that made the Top 8 consisted of NEH Fastro Grail and two NEH Scorches. The only actual AstroBiotics deck is the one that missed the cut and finished 12th.

Nick Hansen came out with the win, finishing the day undefeated with NEH Grail. I’ll have Top 8 decklists up tomorrow at some point. In the meantime, here’s the final standings:

  1. Nick
  2. Josh
  3. Jon
  4. Sam
  5. Ryan
  6. Tobin
  7. Jordan H
  8. Jordan P

I’m just gonna say it: Matt is a freaking outstanding TO.




Those weren’t the same decks you had to play against in your Regional?


I think the people need to know about that core set Weyland deck.


Working on adding the top 16 lists to Acoo along with the results. That original Weyland identity deck has 6 agendas, 3 Jacksons, 11 ice, and 29 operations, and includes SEA Source, Scorched Earth, Punitive Counterstrike, and Accelerated Diagnostics. You can do the math, heh.


That’s so awesome.

C-c-c-combo wombo!

Can’t wait to see these lists. I’m bored of RP and need something spicy to play for Regionals.


First place lists are up, others still to come.

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@sirris, how many metas you trying to dominate, son?