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Coloring the influence dots

Many of us paste decklists on this forum as bbcode taken from netrunnerdb. Unfortunately the forum engine does not understand “color” tag properly, which results in ugly lists. How about trying out this plugin: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-bbcode-color ?


github has the solution for everything!

Yeah this would be nice. I hate manually deleting the bbcode when pasting from nrdb.


I just started using the markup option for this site; that works without trying to color anything. (Colors are prettier, but there’s an easy workaround, so)

I just use Markdown from NRDB. Works fine. No colours.

Markdown is alright, but it tends to make bolded sections too large, like this:

Agenda (10)

So I have to do some editing anyway. It would be better to have a different solution.

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I’m thinking about toning down the headers in the markdown export. h1 to h2, h2 to h3. Any other improvement you can think about?

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This is way offtop, but I would love to see a deck diff mechanism showing which cards need to go out and which need to go in (sorted by card number) in order to transform your meatspace deck to a new one. Would really speed up the process of going through the card binders :wink:.

In “My Decks” : shift-click 2 decks to select them -> “With Selection” -> “Compare two or more decks”.


:open_mouth: that was fast!
Great feature, didn’t realize it was there. Only thing I miss here is the ability to sort by card number.

Sorry, you will have to make do with an alphabetical sorting :wink: