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Second turn, corroder, sad face


Any 3 cost or less ice will work. I wish I had one more credit so I could use Mother Goddess (though Faust wouldn’t care, anyway), but I can’t even use Subliminal Messaging because I’m already using all six cards from my opening hand.


Yeah, i was going to say you could use lateral growth, but then 6 cards. Opening hand combos are interesting


There’s been a bit of talk about casting call lately, especially in argus. If you have a scored false lead you can guarantee a tag will stick. So how to capitalise on this? One option is using casting call on posted bounty so the runner gets tagged either way. Or, you can casting call Hollywood renovation and keep it installed, using it to fast advance your other agendas.


Mushin no shin a reconstruction contract. This lets you threaten to score an agenda without risking the agenda being stolen.

Not janky enough? Do it with two dedication ceremony and score a government takeover on turn 2.


My all-time favourite still is running a Crisium’d HQ with Gabe using Feint to trash the grid.